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Closed thorium fuel cycles can, in principle, achieve net breeding of fissile 233U in different reactor systems.
China, Germany and India already have thorium fuelled nuclear projects and USA is funding a $1Bn research programme.
Named after Thor, the warlike Norse god of thunder, thorium could ironically prove a potent instrument of peace as well as a tool to soothe the world's changing climate.
In order to check the reusability of sorbent media, the treated BP with different thorium concentrations was firstly dried and tested again in sorption unit at the conditions of experiment gives the best percent removal of thorium from SSAS aforementioned.
Thorium is a by-product of Uranium, and the fact that Namibia is the world's 5th producer of Uranium, this could make Namibia as one of the world's top suppliers of Thorium related products, and if successful, it could propel Namibia in becoming one of the world's largest producers of clean and safe electricity," states United States based Robbie Jena, Groot Group Co-founder; Nuclear Engineer and Thorium Technology Expert.
Understanding the importance of the development of Thorium technology
Algeta, a company focused on developing novel targeted therapies for patients with cancer, based on its alpha-pharmaceutical platform, is assessing the potential of targeted thorium conjugate, a combination of its thorium-227 alpha-pharmaceutical payload and Immunomedics' anti-CD22 monoclonal antibody, via a new oncology research programme, it was reported yesterday.
Of the eight solar twins they've studied so far, seven appear to contain much more thorium than our Sun-which suggests that any planets orbiting those stars probably contain more thorium, too.
In January 2011, China approved a project for a thorium molten salt reactor (TMSR).
Thorium is a natural radioactive metal discovered in 1828 by the Swedish chemist J.
When the technology is fully realised, one can do even better with naturally occurring Thorium, in which case the material required would be much less, about 62.
Dear EarthTalk: Thorium is a naturally occurring element that is supposedly more available, more efficient and safer to use than uranium for generating nuclear energy.