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THSDTexas Hearing and Service Dogs (training group; Austin, TX)
THSDThe Holly Springs Disaster (band)
THSDTrailing Hopper Suction Dredger
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Miss Verinder had only a life interest in her mother's property--and there was no raising the twenty thousand pounds on THAT.
Wingrave at that time was the possessor of six thousand shares in the Royal Hardwell Copper Mine, which had cost him, on an average, two dollars twenty-five.
Twenty-one rubles," he said, pointing to the figure twenty-one by which the total exceeded the round sum of forty-three thousand; and taking up a pack he prepared to deal.
Fogg," said he, "it shall be so: I will wager the four thousand on it."
"Here are ten thousand more francs," he said, "with the fifteen thousand already in your pocket, they will make twenty-five thousand.
he says the king is coming in triumph; that he is dressed in state; that he has just finished putting to death, with his own hand, a thousand chained Israelitish prisoners!
"TEN thousand!" As Givenaught shouted this, his excitement was so great that he forgot himself and used his natural voice.
One which had printed fifty million dollars of stock for sale was sold at auction in 1909 for four hundred thousand dollars.
By giving the balloon these cubic dimensions, and filling it with hydrogen gas, instead of common air--the former being fourteen and a half times lighter and weighing therefore only two hundred and seventy-six pounds--a difference of three thousand seven hundred and twenty-four pounds in equilibrium is produced; and it is this difference between the weight of the gas contained in the balloon and the weight of the surrounding atmosphere that constitutes the ascensional force of the former.
Certainly, if the rules of the game had permitted even of my staking fifty thousand florins at a time, I should have staked them.
"Give 'm five years of work--that's thirty thousand. Give 'm one year of work--it's six thousand.
"You see, then -- in the first place, a ransom of a hundred thousand crowns."