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Talking about the findings of the research, lead researcher Dr Tritsis said, We were able to reconstruct the three-dimensional structure of a gas cloud in its very early stages of making new stars and planets, which will ultimately take millions of years to form.
Also, recent studies show that the perception of three-dimensional attributes depends on the background state of the subject.
This child then returns to his/her group to inform the other children as to what three-dimensional object is in the bag.
Establish server encryption system in encryption card chip and write secret key cipher algorithm, hash algorithm, combined secret key real-time generation algorithm, a three-dimensional matrix D of key seeds, key exchange protocol, and store the cipher text of all users' three-dimensional key seeds matrix Ti in user key data base.
His interests in metalcasting are wide-ranging and include three-dimensional techniques, investment casting and continuous casting used in steel production.
The team hopes that the new knowledge about three-dimensional cell growth environments can make a significant contribution to the development of cell therapies for treating diabetes.
The company's solar cell technology uses a three-dimensional design to catch sunlight inside micro-photovoltaic structures where photons bounce around until they are converted into electrons.
The main objective of this paper is to examine and evaluate the adequate selection of the three-dimensional integrated element in the three-dimensional integrated circuits, modeling of the thermal oxidation using mathematical models.
THREE-dimensional experiences are taking over the film experience at cinemas in 2009 and Disney is leading the way in video games by introducing innovative stereoscopic 3-D features in two of its games this summer.
The Tory leader said a three-dimensional approach was needed to crack down on crime, with the focus on criminal justice, policing and strengthening communities.
In fact, Figure 1 is only a two-dimensional representation of a cube, since a cube's three-dimensional nature cannot exist in the two-dimensional plane of a piece of paper.
We have access to a wide array of high quality artwork and digital tools to help students visualize three-dimensional structures and processes.
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