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THRUSTThundering Herd of Robots Using Student Thinking (FIRST Team name)
THRUSTTsunami Hazard Reduction Using Systems Technology
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So, suiting the action to the word, D'Artagnan thrust the remnant of his sword into its scabbard, picked up his hat and ran down the stairs, followed by the others.
His companion thrust aside his waistcoat, pointed to the handle of a dirk, and nodded.
Then the old dame stood the figure up in a corner of her cottage and chuckled to behold its yellow semblance of a visage, with its nobby little nose thrust into the air.
Still he is good, and with one thrust he drove the sword to the heart, and the bull doubled his legs under him and lay down and died.
Anatole glanced at him and immediately thrust his hand into his pocket and drew out his pocketbook.
"It's I," said a firm, pleasant, woman's voice, and the stern, pockmarked face of Matrona Philimonovna, the nurse, was thrust in at the doorway.
that dares thrust himself between the sufferer and his God?"
He was soon streaming blood from a half dozen minor wounds, but I could not obtain an opening to deliver an effective thrust. Then he changed his tactics, and fighting warily and with extreme dexterity, he tried to do by science what he was unable to do by brute strength.
So surprised and horrified was Solan that he forgot to finish his thrust; instead, he wheeled toward the switch with a loud shriek--a shriek which was his last, for before his hand could touch the lever it sought, my sword's point had passed through his heart.
Into the part-open hand Jerry thrust his soft golden muzzle to the eyes and remained quite still.
Quick as a panther, Alleyne sprang in with a thrust, but Tranter, who was as active as he was strong, had already recovered himself and turned it aside with a movement of his heavy blade.
They tore it away and thrust it fiercely aside, its undulations resembling those of a water snake.