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TIBIATechnology Initiative in BiCMOS for Applications (ESPRIT Project 8001)
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The first came for Liverpool in a match against Blackburn Rovers as the striker came off worse in a challenge with Jay McEveley in October, 2004, breaking the tibia and fibula in his left leg.
La osteosintesis Minimamente invasiva (MIPO) con placas es una tecnica establecida para la fijacion de fracturas del tercio distal de la tibia.
In contrast to growth performance, however, significantly low Ca and P concentrations in the tibia were observed for growing broiler chickens fed diets containing 4.
The Juxta-articular fracture of the tibia were treated by hybrid external fixator system in a prospective study.
Left cruris plain radiographs were repeated and transverse fracture line was seen in the distal tibia (Figure 2).
The anteromedial aspect of tibia is subcutaneous which is responsible for tibia being the most commonly fractured long bone.
Therefore, the current study was thus designed to compare the growth performance, digestibility and concentration of P and Ca in blood plasma, tibia bone and excreta in response to different local and imported sources of inorganic P commercially available and routinely used in poultry industry in Pakistan.
We present our experience of the treatment of exposed tibia in three burn patients using three local flaps (medial gastrocnemius flap, tibialis anterior flap and hemisoleus flap) in conjunction with one another.
These studies have suggested that tibia is the most commonly involved bone, followed by the metatarsal and tarsal bones.
Specifically, full dorsi and plantar flexion of the ankle/posterior glide of the tibia over the talus.
Se tomaron las caracteristicas morfometricas de la tibia derecha (diametro de la diafisis, largo, volumen y peso) e indicadores de mineralizacion de la tibia como densidad osea (Rath et al, 2000), indice de Seedor (Seedor et al.