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TKTechnical Knock-out (usually written TKO)
TKTokelau (small island country)
TKTo Come (phonetic abbreviation used in journalism)
TKTelekommunikation (German: telecommunication)
TKTechniker Krankenkasse (German health insurer)
TKTokelau (ISO country code, top level domain)
TKTaka (Bangladeshi currency)
TKTraditional Knowledge
TKTurkish Airlines (IATA airline code)
TKTool Kit
TKThe Killers (band)
TKTickling (online community reference)
TKTurks & Caicos Islands
TKToby Keith (country music artist)
TKTelekomünikasyon Kurumu (official telecommunications authority in Turkey)
TKTiefkühl (German: deep-freeze, frequently used in supermarkets)
TKTetsuya Komuro (Japanese musician)
TKTerveyskeskus (Finnish: health center)
TKTeamkill (gaming, SubSpace/Continuum)
TKTempest Keep (World Of Warcraft gaming)
TKTeam Kill
TKTahap Kecekapan (Malay: Efficiency Level)
TKTurmion Kätilöt (Finnish: Turmoil; metal band)
TKTemple Knight (gaming, Final Fantasy XI)
TKTimo Kotipelto (band)
TKToni Kukoc (basketball player)
TKTeras Kasi (Star Wars)
TKTapan Kaikki (computer game)
TKTelephone Kiosk
TKTango Kilo
TKThermokontakt (German: Thermal Contact)
TKTeatri Kombëtar (National Theatre, Albania)
TKTypekill (gaming, SubSpace/Continuum)
TKTotal Khaos (gaming)
TKTire Kicker
TKTrue Kingdom (gaming)
TKTalk Kill (gaming tactic)
TKTornikanuuna (Finnish: fixed coastal artillery)
TKTricky Klan (Portuguese Quake clan)
TKTransducer Kit
TKTrue Klingon
TKTurn-Key Base
TKTribal Krafts (New Delhi, India)
TKTailor Key
TKThrowing Knife (gaming)
TKTrojan Keylogger
TKThymidine Kinase (enzyme)
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New Zealand journalist David Farrier, who is famous for his stories of the strange and weird side of life, discovered the "sport" after seeing some tickling footage online and reached out to the organizers of the competitions, and was rebuffled
The drive had a paintbrush at the end of it - to help with the tickling process.
One idea is that like your startle reflex, laughter-associated tickling requires that you not know it's coming.
Researchers at the Institute of Neurology in London made the discovery by seeing how tickling affected the brains of three volunteers.
Their combined speculation, now known as the Darwin-Hecker hypothesis, suggested that humor and tickling share deep underlying similarities.
Tongue Tickling Tattoos are unlike anything anyone has ever experienced and are different than anything on the market.
A laugh may signal mockery, humour, joy or simply be a response to tickling, but each kind of laughter conveys a wealth of auditory and social information.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- A laugh may signal mockery, humor, joy or simply be a response to tickling, but each kind of laughter conveys a wealth of auditory and social information.
You can buy feather tickling sticks to help with tickling play - or simply use a feather duster.
Like every other female I know, I simply can't bear having my feet tickled either, but watching Everton when we were managed by Walter, was at least half as bad and unlike tickling, very painful.
Apart from this, we get on great and you can't really dump someone for tickling you.
There's something about little round tummies and pink belly buttons that makes tickling a toddler an almost irresistible activity - not to mention the peels of laughter a chuck under the chin can produce.