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TIDETypography Integrated Development Environment
TIDEThermal Ion Dynamics Experiment (NASA)
TIDETele-Immersive Data Explorer
TIDETorah Im Derech Eretz
TIDETechnology Insertion Demonstration and Evaluation Program (SEI/Carnegie Mellon)
TIDETransportation Information for Decision Enhancement
TIDETrans-Pacific Interactive Distance Education Project
TIDETeam Integrated Design Environment (Aptima Inc.)
TIDETactical International Data Exchange
TIDETechnology Innovation Design Engineering
TIDETheater Information Dissemination Environment (US Army South, Fort Sam Houston, TX)
TIDETechnological Initiative for the Socioeconomic Integration of the Disabled and Elderly (EU)
TIDETraffic Information Distributor and Editor
TIDETerrorist Identity Environment
TIDETerrorist Identities Data Mart Environment
References in classic literature ?
Early as it was, there were plenty of scullers going here and there that morning, and plenty of barges dropping down with the tide; the navigation of the river between bridges, in an open boat, was a much easier and commoner matter in those days than it is in these; and we went ahead among many skiffs and wherries, briskly.
A thousand times no; and I wept tears of sweet sadness over my glorious youth going out with the tide. (And who has not seen the weeping drunk, the melancholic drunk?
Trusting to the girl's skill and making no use of the rudder, he eyed the coming tide with an absorbed attention.
Give me a hand with this rope, and we'll drag her up as far as we can; and then when the tide goes out we'll try another scheme.
"And this Captain is not going to cast anchor at all since the tide will suffice?" said Conseil, simply.
If the wind doesn't fail us, we'll make the creek before the tide gets too low, sleep at San Rafael, and arrive in Oakland to-morrow by midday."
A little after noon I found the sea very calm, and the tide ebbed so far out that I could come within a quarter of a mile of the ship.
"It shall be stopped, your tide must not turn so soon, nineteen is too young, Beth.
And he painfully subsided into the little boat, which started, favored by wind and tide, for the coast of France.
These gigantic walls, diminished every tide by the barges for Belle-Isle were, in the eyes of the musketeer, the consequence and the proof of what he had well divined at Pirial.
And, it being low water, he went out with the tide.
The South Spit was just awash with the flowing tide; the waters heaved over the hidden face of the Shivering Sand.