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TIEDThe Indo-European Database
TIEDTrapped Ion Electron Diffraction
TIEDTechnology, Industry and Economics Division (UN Environmental Programme Chemicals)
TIEDThe Independent Electrical Distributors (now IMARK Group, Inc.)
TIEDTest Independent Evaluation Directorate
TIEDTRADOC Independent Evaluation Directorate
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As soon as the rope was tied, the Expedition moved forward with that alacrity which the thirst for vengeance usually inspires.
I watched the rope gliding down the hill, and presently when I was all fixed for triumph I was confronted by a bitter disappointment; there was no guide tied to the rope, it was only a very indignant old black ram.
After leaving the ram tied to the rope, he had wandered at large a while, and then happened to run across a cow.
And the men went early to bed, Bill first seeing to it that the dogs were tied out of gnawing- reach of one another.
Clip-on ties - which are permanently tied and attach to the front of the shirt with a clip behind the knot - are already an established part of the uniform at Caludon Castle School and Barrs Hill School.
4 : to hold back from freedom of action <Obligations tied her down.
A tying conspiracy exists when a firm that sells both the tying and tied products agrees with a competing firm that sells the same products that each will impose a tying requirement on its customers.
Ireland-based Simon Thornton, from Brighouse, posted 76 and was tied on 74th at the same course in the South of the country.
who will attend UCLA this fall as a freshman, tied for second overall at 3-under 137.
A good knot holds tightly, may be tied quickly, and be untied easily.