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TKCThe Korean Channel (est. 1985; broadcasting)
TKCThe King's College (Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY)
TKCThy Kingdom Come (Catholic publisher)
TKCThat Kid Chris (recording artist)
TKCThe Kreative Company (video productions; United Arab Emirates)
TKCThe Keith Companies (California)
TKCToronto Kendo Club (martial arts; Canada)
TKCThailand Kendo Club (martial arts)
TKCTonnerre Kalara Club (French; Cameroonian football club)
TKCtightly-knit community
TKCTom Kita Chara (scouting)
TKCThe Kohala Center (Hawaii; environmental organization)
TKCThe Killer Clan (gaming clan)
TKCTiny Key Counter (keyboard counter)
TKCThomas Kvamme Consulting (Norway)
TKCTraditional Karate Club
TKCTrégunc Kite Club (French kite club)
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There was shock and sadness in Stondon Massey last night as news of the split spread through the tightly-knit community.
The newly-recruited Mountie has to work hard to be accepted by the locals and earn the respect of the tightly-knit community.
But the street sign, Hunter Gardens, holds a tragic significance for the tightly-knit community.
While some residents were glad to sell up and escape the encroaching dust and disruption, others were shattered by the prospect of saying goodbye to their tightly-knit community of 21 homes.
Perhaps, it's the calming, laid-back ambience that it offers to residents, or that characteristic tightly-knit community that can be found there.
In pubs and clubs in the tightly-knit community collections were taken for funds to assist the search.
This weekend stunned locals in the tightly-knit community in North Clare were struggling to come to terms with the horrific crime.
They were brought up in this tightly-knit community and don't want to leave it or alienate the people they have known all their lives and I think that is a great credit to them.
Now the tightly-knit community fears developers will turn their neighbourhood into a student village.
In this he abandons his regular hero and locale, moving to Texas where a millionaire has settled in a small, tightly-knit community, has married the local beauty queen, and sets about trying to evict the local ne'er-do-well from his family home.
He took refuge in a place he knew well - the tightly-knit community of High Bonnybridge, Stirlingshire.
"This region boasts a tightly-knit community of talented and imaginative people, some of whom have already started making waves worldwide.