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TILEThe Inclusive Learning Exchange (Canada)
TILETexas Index for Level of Effort (nursing facilities)
TILETask, Individual, Load, Environment (manual handling)
TiLETrends in Leisure Entertainment
TILETechnology in Literacy Education
TILETraining for Intelligence and Law Enforcement
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Such a tile was about to descend upon the elegant and decorous public now assembled to hear the music.
The walls of this court appeared to be faced with what resembled glazed, white tile and the whole interior of it was flooded with dazzling light, a fact which immediately explained to the girl the purpose of the glass prisms of which the domes were constructed.
Stone, and brick, and slate, and tile, became transparent to him as to them.
He became first secretary to and then part owner of a tile and brick factory, and in a few years made enough money to pay off all his old debts.
From this cause, and from the low whitewashed houses with tile roofs, the view reminded me of St.
The fact teaches him how Belus was worshipped and how the Pyramids were built, better than the discovery by Champollion of the names of all the workmen and the cost of every tile.
You can send in a note for a tile on Monday, and make it all right, you know," said Mentor; "we're allowed two seven-and- sixers a half, besides what we bring from home.
A golden speck, no larger than a pin-point, appeared on the rim, and by his manipulation of the riveter it returned to the bottom of tile pan.
He was perfectly straightforward about it--as straightforward as a tile falling on your head.
She watched him, her forehead drawn into perpendicular folds, the thin black eyebrows diverging upwards like tile antennae of an insect.
It happened after some time, making a pretty large fire for cooking my meat, when I went to put it out after I had done with it, I found a broken piece of one of my earthenware vessels in the fire, burnt as hard as a stone, and red as a tile.
I have not often seen a place that commends itself so favourably and pleasantly to a stranger at the first glance as this does: with its clean houses of red and white, its well-paved roads, and foot-ways of bright tile.