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TLRToll Like Receptor (immunological research)
TLRTwin Lens Reflex
TLRTemple (University) Law Review
TLRTeam Losi Racing (est. 1980)
TLRTarget Lesion Revascularization
TLRTo Love Ru (Japanese manga series)
TLRThe Last Resort (gaming clan)
TLRTransmission Loading Relief
TLRTexas Law Review
TLRTemplar (gaming guild)
TLRTonic Labyrinthine Reflex
TLRTeaching and Learning Responsibilities (UK educational initiative and job role)
TLRTime Lapse Recorder
TLRTilburg Law Review (Tilburg University; Tilburg, Netherlands)
TLRTotal Loss Replacement
TLRThe Last Resistance (gaming clan)
TLRThe Last Royals (band)
TLRThomson Legal & Regulatory Ltd. (Australia)
TLRTriangulation-Listening-Ranging (sonar; US Navy)
TLRThanet Local Radio (UK)
TLRTransportation Librarians Roundtable (US Department of Transportation)
TLRtarget loss ratio
TLRTop Level Requirement(s)
TLRTransmission-Line Resonator
TLRTwo Lochs Radio (UK, Scotland)
TLRThe Lord Reigns
TLRTechnical Letter Report
TLRTelecommunications Leasing Request
TLRTransport Layer Retry
TLRTermination Liability Reserve
TLRTennis Live Radio
TLRTraceability Link Recovery
TLRTeam Lost Rebels
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Veazey, president of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, said anti-abortion groups share the blame for the Tiller murder.
The Tiller murder comes at a time when the pro-abortion camp is encouraged by the election of Obama, and the possible nomination of Judge Sotomayor to the US Supreme Court.
During 2014-2015, statistically similar number of emerged seedlings was obtained in turbo and happy seeded wheat, while zone disk tiller sown wheat showed the less number of emerged seedlings (Table 5).
There was one point I rented this house in Miami and had all these producers fly out 6 Vinylz, Boi-1da, Allen Ritter," Tiller told (http://www.
Table-2: Effect of different concentrations and time of exogenous application of thiourea on plant height (cm), productive tillers, unproductive tillers, spike length (cm) and spikelets per spike of late sown wheat.
If your soils are tougher or you want to prepare a deep, fluffy seed bed in a single pass, you might choose the rear-tine tiller with counter-rotating tines.
Tiller would like to remain working in post-anaesthetic care but, with a new hospital being built in Greymouth and new models of care being introduced, she realises she may have to work more broadly.
Hammond, who was already backing up as Tiller approached the car, continued on his way, making a sharp left so he could pull out of the parking lot.
The leaf elongation (LER), appearance (LAR), senescence (LSR), and stem and pseudo stem elongation rates (SER) together with the number of green leaves (NFL) and expanding leaves (NEL), average length of stem and pseudo stem (ALSP), and basal and aerial tiller population density (BTPD and ATPD) were calculated from the field data.
Our specific objectives were to compare: (1) phenology of bud and tiller development and bud bank age structure, (2) individual tiller performance (e.
In her book My Sixteen Sisters - Dancing With The Stars: My Life as a Tiller Girl (Appin Press, PS11.
After each grazing cycle, the process of tiller marking was redone to include new individuals, in order to preserve the representativeness of the population.