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TSTTribunal Superior do Trabalho (Portuguese: Superior Labor Court; Brazil)
TSTTri-State Tornado (meteorology)
TSTTwin Scroll Turbo (engines)
TSTTsim Sha Tsui (Hong Kong)
TSTTokyo Sky Tree (broadcast tower; Japan)
TSTThe Satanic Temple (est. 2012)
TSTTuberculin Skin Test
TSTTime Sensitive Targeting
TSTTaiwan Supercritical Technology
TSTTractus Spinothalamicus
TSTTest File
TSTTwin Stage Turbo
TSTTemporary Storage Table
TSTTime Stamp Token
TSTTwin Scroll Turbo
TSTTest Stack Top
TSTTouchless Sensor Technology
TSTTransmission Simulation Task
TSTTotal Sleep Time
TSTTime-Sensitive Target (US DoD)
TSTTexas State Troops (American Civil War)
TSTTransitional Stored Ticket (aviation)
TSTToronto School of Theology (Canada)
TSTTest Status
TSTTeacher Support Team
TSTTransition State Theory
TSTTechnical Support Team
TSTPrinter Test (File Name Extension)
TSTTernary Search Tree (data structure)
TSTThe Spanish Table
TSTTransatlantic Slave Trade (UNESCO)
TSTTail Suspension Test
TSTTrauma Systems Therapy (behavioral health)
TSTTactical Support Team (US DoD)
TSTToshiba System Technology (Japan)
TSTThe Sharp Things (band)
TSTTriceps Skinfold Thickness (body composition measurement)
TSTTeam Selection Test (International Mathematical Olympiad)
TSTThallium Stress Test (radioisotope heart imaging)
TSTTechnical Services Team
TSTTransgressive System Tract
TSTTrue Stratigraphic Thickness
TSTTandem Switched Transport
TSTTurkish Society of Toxicology (Turkey; est. 1987)
TSTTeam Sport Technologies (Minneapolis, MN)
TSTThai Standard Time (Thailand)
TSTThreaded Space Time
TSTThe Starry Tides (band)
TSTtop side tank (ships)
TSTThat Special Touch (Cambridge, ON, Canada)
TSTThermal Shock Testing
TSTTeam Sumo Tournament (gaming)
TSTTactical SIGINT Technology
TSTTheater Support Team (US DoD)
TSTThe Success Team
TSTThe Scotson Technique (neurobiology)
TSTTraitement du Signal et Télécommunications (French: Signal Processing and Telecommunications)
TSTTemperature Shock Test
TSTTime Saving Tip
TSTTop of Steel (architectural drawings)
TSTTest Set Tape
TSTTactical Surveillance Technology
TSTTest Support Package
TSTTask Status Table
TSTTemporary Statutory Tour
TSTThe Shadow Team (Game Maker game programming team)
TSTTASS Support Team (US Army)
TSTTransportation Systems Technician
TSTTransmission System Test
TSTTransmission System Technician (Navy Enlisted Classification)
TSTTarget System Topical
TSTTransdimensional Senso-Therapy
TSTTotal Solar Transmission (measurement of heat absorption)
TSTTriaxial Sheer Test (soil test)
TSTTotally Symmetric Tensor
TSTTopic Support Task
TSTTeen Stock Trader (web forum)
TSTThe Spammers Takeout (website)
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The most valuable capability UCAS brings to a family of long-range strike systems may be its ability to engage and defeat a time-sensitive target in a matter of minutes owing to its persistence, sensor suite, multiple-target capability, and kinetic or nonkinetic weapons systems.
When a time-sensitive target calling for dynamic retasking arises, the MSC collection manager receives an ISR request from the tactical unit, weighs the new request against existing priorities, and may direct an asset to the new mission location.
Anderson: Maritime Dynamic Targeting is the process of prosecuting a time-sensitive target in the maritime environment.
We didn't know it was Zarqawi, we just knew it was a time-sensitive target," he said.
The section already had completed missions spanning many of the tasks of a Marine Light Attack Helicopter squadron: close air support, armed reconnaissance, time-sensitive target overwatch, point-of-origin searches for anti-Iraqi force indirect fire and small-arms assets, and screening missions north of the river and west of the city.
Our Soldiers did a wonderful job once again and demonstrated the division's unique ability to rapidly project combat power over substantial distances to attack a time-sensitive target.
Even today, two-thirds of the time required to prosecute a time-sensitive target is allocated to manual communication processes--not machine to machine, not automated, but rather someone making a voice call, writing something down, or manually entering data.
sensor operators identify a time-sensitive target, they have the authority to eliminate the "decider" from the bureaucracy, and proceed to the "shoot mode," the officer said.
48) Mobile and fleeting opportunities for attack make time-sensitive target strikes integral to attack operations.
The Eliminator is able to find, fix, identify, track, target, and engage emerging and time-sensitive targets with two HELLFIRE missiles per wing or 2.
The deployment of the missile "could increase suddenness and effectivity of attacks" and land "crushing blows on time-sensitive targets like missile launchers and solid targets like command centres", it said.