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TIPITelecommunications and Information Policy Institute (University of Texas at Austin)
TIPITexas Instruments Philippines
TIPItactical information processing and interpretation system (US DoD)
TIPITreaty of Indigenous Peoples International
TIPItactical information processing interpretation (US DoD)
TIPITactical Imagery Processing and Interpretation
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Also tomorrow there will be a networking event for businesses in the Tipi from 5.
Perhaps the most striking aspect of this image is the striped cloth tipi cover, at a time when the vast majority of tipis in the Soule photos are made of buffalo hide.
Signature Living is known for doing things differently - tipis at the Eden rooftop garden is certainly something different.
Randolph Ting, committee chair, assured Tipi that the committee would penalize those violating labor laws, not those hiring job contractors.
Some of the cool environmentally-friendly things found in the tipis and yurts is an off-the-grid clay pot cooler for storing food, a wood-fired stove and, until the end of the season, a bottle of organic cava for new arrivals.
Tipis are PS60 per night during low season and PS70 during high season.
She added that the tipi will be a comforting site for Seneca's more than 700 Aboriginal students.
Vandalism of the University of Alberta Native Studies tipi poles has been condemned by university officials.
In Many Swans tipi, most of the men had not come back from hunting but both The Sun and Bear Child had returned that night, having enough meat.
No, we are what we throw on the ground": readapting german philosopher Feuerbach's famous assertion, Tipi Metropolitani[R], Barcelona-based digital company founder of the 'urban culture' project www.
In three days on one of the Moultrie's positioned at the Tipi Condo I had 900 photos.