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TIPITelecommunications and Information Policy Institute (University of Texas at Austin)
TIPITexas Instruments Philippines
TIPItactical information processing and interpretation system (US DoD)
TIPITreaty of Indigenous Peoples International
TIPItactical information processing interpretation (US DoD)
TIPITactical Imagery Processing and Interpretation
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Thanksgiving came, and with it a promise to myself to ignore my "inner voice" and stay in the Tipi Condo-no moving around to other blinds, the Kovar's sanctuary, or stalking.
Directly opposite the Kiowa model tipi was the largest item in the exhibit, a 27-foot-tall canvas tipi (Fig.
OY'li hastalarda, yukaridaki kriterlere gore belirlenen urodinamik parametreler (norojenik mesane tipi, MCC ve kompliyans) ve mesane bosaltim yontemleri ile OY seviyesi ve ciddiyeti arasindaki iliski degerlendirilmistir.
Sleeping between two and 12 people, each tipi is filled with Turkish rugs, lanterns and comfy bed mats, with its own camp stove and cool box.
The other difference is how they are heated, with tipis tending to use a chiminea and requiring a more hands-on approach to open smoke flaps etc, while yurts use wood-burning fires, which give a more constant source of heat suited to a family or less experienced campers.
Subtle differences in properties of the alluvial sediments, bedrock and stones used for tipi rings make differentiating hearths and other features difficult, but overall this is a critical step in the program (Figure 8).
A meandering stone walkway connects the main home to the guest tipi, various terraces and park-like areas, a fenced playground and a six-stall livery stable with caretaker's quarters.
Ayirici tanida enflamatuar polipler, baziler anjiyomatozis ve Kaposi sarkomun anjiyomatoz tipi gibi damarsal tumorler dusunulmelidir.
The ROM acquired the tipi liner from George Terasaki, a New York antiquities dealer who first saw it hanging in James Luongo's Plume Trading and Bead Company Indian Museum in Munroe, New York, around 1970.
Vintage black and white photos blend with historical texts to provide a survey of tipi life among all the tribes, not just one.
The Tipi: Traditional Native American Shelter by author and photographer Adolf Hungrywolf is a comprehensive, informative, and profusely illustrated study of the Native American tipi and the many variations, uses, and understandings of this famed aboriginal structure.