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TIPTOPThe Internet Pilot to Physics
TIPTOPTape Input, Tape Output
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However, Taylor still aims to keep himself in tiptop condition on the training field.
The key to keeping in tiptop condition during the colder months, not to mention looking your best for a night out, Heswall offers an abundance of barbers as well as hair and beauty salons.
Experienced outside-half Luke Richards was in tiptop form with the boot, kicking three penalties and four conversions for a personal haul of 17 points.
New first-team coach Steve Harrison met the players for the first time while fitness coach Andy O'Boyle put them through their paces as they began their gruelling programme of work to get them in tiptop condition for the new campaign.
Packaged in tubes with tiptop lids and star-shaped nozzles for easy piping, the range will be launched into Asda and Tesco on 20 April, at 1.
I'm still a little shaky on my feet at the moment, but I plan to be in tiptop shape for my concert in the National Concert Hall on Saturday, February 28.
With me, at least, his sense of dignity was too great to allow himself to be seen in less than tiptop intellectual shape.
To grow enough to eat all year, your seeds must be tiptop.
As hard as the industry works to make sure that its aircraft are in tiptop shape and its pilots well-trained and certified, general aviation does remain much riskier than scheduled airline flights.
The priority is to make sure the roads are open - having them all in tiptop shape takes a back seat.
The heart of Mexico's postal service is Pantaco, the dispatch center that Bodarte oversees in an industrial area of Mexico City, which is already in tiptop shape.
Gamon and Bragdon not only have ferreted out from recent research how the six zones of practical intelligence work, but also these authors have devised exercises "to stimulate the cells in the different brain zones" to maintain cellular activity and to keep all "cognitive zones" in tiptop shape (p.