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TIRESTotal Integrated Road Evaluation System (rating scale)
TIRESTransposable and Interspersed Repetitive Elements (genomes)
TIRESTire Initiative for Research, Education and Safety (Tire Industry Association)
TIRESTransportation Interface and Reporting System
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Attendees will hear what industry leaders have to say about future trends, the global forecast and their implications, the test results on fuel consumption, aged tire and roadwheel din-ability, and radial medium truck tires.
In April 2004, the DEP contacted more than 45 businesses that sent tires to the property requesting removal of the tires.
Tire IQ, on the other hand, is currently only being championed by Goodyear, and though the company is offering an open standard to any other tire maker interested in developing Tire IQ-based systems, until that happens potential customers would have to spec Goodyear tires exclusively.
The RMA notes that there has been a change in reporting this category beginning in 2006, as heavy on-highway truck tires are not included to obtain a more accurate portrayal of the commercial tire market.
He notes that the provincial levy accounts for 86 percent of the cost of collecting the tires.
The largest markets for scrap tires included ground rubber (which consumed more than 30 million tires in 2005), civil engineering (which consumed nearly 50 million tires for road and landfill construction, septic tank leach fields and other contruction applications) and tire-derived fuel (which consumed 155 million scrap tires since 2003, a 20% increase).
In states where the fees on new tires are still going, at least in part, toward scrap tire management, Blumenthal says successful programs need to cover three key areas: abatement, market development and enforcement.
Rob Jahries, vice president of Utah Tire Recyclers in Salt Lake City, says that processing OTR tires requires a stronger primary shredder.