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TOASTTrial of Org 10172 in Acute Stroke Treatment (stroke classification)
TOASTThe Obesity Awareness and Solutions Trust (UK)
TOASTTime-Resolved Optical Absorption and Scattering Tomography (imaging)
TOASTThe Oversized-Attribute Storage Technique
TOASTTranscervical Oocyte and Sperm Transfer
TOASTTo Obtain Anything Start Thinking
TOASTTo Offer a Special Tribute
TOASTTask Organization And Status Tool
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"There will be many toasts, it's time to begin," he whispered, and taking up his glass, he rose.
Several cordials was likewise prescribed in the same ineffective manner; till the landlord ordered up a tankard of strong beer, with a toast, which he said was the best cordial in England.
Sam well knew that he had only to remain quiet, and the women were sure to talk; so he looked alternately at the tin saucepan, the toasted cheese, the wall, and the ceiling, in profound silence.
"Now, aunt Miranda," she said cheerily, "I expect you to smack your lips and say this is good; it's not Randall, but Sawyer milk toast."
No hearer, not even Bartle Massey, was so delighted with this toast as Mr.
It was a horrible sight, coming so swiftly upon the pride and glory of the toast that had brought the strayed wits together.
But before I sit down I must give you a toast to be drunk with three-times-three and all the honours.
Mr F.'s Aunt, who had eaten a piece of toast down to the crust, here solemnly handed the crust to Flora, who ate it for her as a matter of business.
"I meant to give each of you some of this to take with you," said she, "but as there is so little toast, you must have it now," and she proceeded to cut slices with a generous hand.
I said it was not a respectful way of proposing the toast, and I would never permit that toast to be drunk in my house otherwise than as 'The Ladies!' I was very high with him, mainly I think because I saw Steerforth and Grainger laughing at me - or at him - or at both of us.
Then the good woman entered in a long and minute account of Kit's life and history from the earliest period down to that time, not omitting to make mention of his miraculous fall out of a back-parlour window when an infant of tender years, or his uncommon sufferings in a state of measles, which were illustrated by correct imitations of the plaintive manner in which he called for toast and water, day and night, and said, 'don't cry, mother, I shall soon be better;' for proof of which statements reference was made to Mrs Green, lodger, at the cheesemonger's round the corner, and divers other ladies and gentlemen in various parts of England and Wales
Do have toast for tea, Polly, and let me make it with the new toasting fork; it 's such fun to play cook."