toc1timing of CAB expression 1
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Researchers found that the TOC1 protein, which was previously linked to helping plants wake up, is in fact involved in dampening gene activity in the evening.
After 12 mo of culture with weekly transfer, corresponding roughly to 800 generations of vegetative reproduction, genomic DNA was extracted from liquid cultures, slot-blotted onto nylon membranes, and hybridized with fluorescein-dUTP-labeled TOC1 or Gulliver DNA.
Genomic DNA was extracted from 10 spores from each line, digested with BamHI, and vacuum transferred to nylon membranes that were hybridized as above with TOC1 or Gulliver probes.
In experiment 2, TOC1 was slightly more abundant but Gulliver slightly less abundant in the sexual lines than in the asexual lines.
Transposition by TOC1 and Gulliver in our experimental lines appears to have been rare, or to have had little effect on fitness, or both.
Cloning of the Arabidopsis clock gene TOC1, an autoregulatory response regulator homolog.