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TOELESSTreatment Option Evaluation of Liquid Effluent Secondary Streams
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The company, which celebrates its 120th anniversary this year, recently introduced the PediFix Visco-Gel Heel-So-Smooth sleeve, a toeless sock designed to moisturize the skin on the heel while the consumer rests or sleeps.
DRY, CRACKED HEELS are a persistent problem, but Brewster, N.Y.-based PediFix has come up with a solution: Heel-So-Smooth Heel Sleeves, 100 percent nylon toeless socks featuring a zone of vitamin-enriched, mineral-oil-infused Visco-Gel to provide deep, continuous, and targeted softening of hard, dry heel skin.
But if he rubber eared you you could bet your toeless boots that within two weeks you would be kicked out on your erchie and and told to find another club.
Another method, Dave tells me, is to place a toeless sock over their heads.
The sculpture's "body" isn't right, it's super- and/or antinatural: Too long, thin legs willow up from strange toeless feet, which are joined to a base made of the same nacreous fiberglass as the figure itself; elegant arms end in witchy digits of all one length; shallow chest, dainty nipples, inny belly button, uncircumcised cock, spume of pubic hair, strangely small buttocks combine into something not simply human.