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TOKAMAKToroidalnaya Kamera Magnitnaya (Russian: toroidal chamber-magnetic; a toroidal plasma confinement device)
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Tokamak Energy believes building prototypes quickly, demonstrating performance and then moving on to the next device is the fastest route to realising commercially viable power plants.
Coblentz said the best technically achievable schedule for making the ITER tokamak fully functional is 2025.
The results of the experiment will be beneficial in the improvement of a tokamak reactor capable of generating fusion energy.
Combined with the $150 million allocated to the ITER tokamak program, the total funding for tokamak-specific R&D amounts to $361 million.
El Tokamak es un sistema toroidal en donde el plasma es confinado mediante campos magneticos.
However, the Super X Divertor, however, is being installed as the centerpiece of a $40 million upgrade of the MAST tokamak in the United Kingdom.
Physicists developed a magnetic configuration in which the shape of the poloidal magnetic field lines, which loop through the hole of the tokamak doughnut, are reminiscent of a snowflake.
The worldwide effort to develop the fusion process as a major new source of energy is nearing a milestone, he predicts, now that construction has begun on the International Tokamak Experimental Reactor.
The upgrade will turn JT-60U into an advanced superconducting tokamak.
Using a magnetically confined plasma made up of a half-and-half mixture of deuterium and tritium, the Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor (TFTR) generated a burst of 9 million watts of power, besting the previous record of 6.
A combination of externally and internally generated magnetic fields heats and confines the plasma and keeps it away from the walls of the Tokamak.