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TOVTales of Vesperia (video game)
TOVTen Opzichte Van (Dutch: with regard to)
TOVTemple of the Vampire
TOVTransfer of Value
TOVTriple Offset Valve
TOVTomatoes on the Vine
TOVTone of Voice (linguistics, branding)
TOVTreaty of Versailles (treaty ending WWI)
TOVTotal Observed Volume (measurement)
TOVTransit of Venus
TOVTemporary Overvoltage
TOVTotal Order Value
TOVTouch of Velvet (chinchilla breeding)
TOVTown of Vail
TOVThreshold of Visibility
TOVTemple of Veeshan (Everquest)
TOVTechnicka Obsluha Vyroby (Slovak maintenance service)
TOVTalleres de Oración y Vida (Prayer and Life Workshops)
TOVTime Out Value
TOVTable of Values (mathematics)
TOVTorsional Oscillatory Viscometer (measurements; Mansco Products)
TOVTele-Operated Vehicle
TOVThe Obstructed View (Detroit Red Wings podcast)
TOVTime of Validity
TOVTrial of Void
TOVTotal Organic Volatile
TOVToole Valley Railway Company
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Manicamp, leaning on the arm of a gigantic trooper, as firm as the pillar of a cathedral, replied in his usual tranquil tone of voice, -- "And you, monsieur?
The remainder of their conversation was carried on in a lower tone of voice, and was sufficiently concise; relating merely to the execution of the project, and the best precautions for diverting suspicion.
My good creature," cried the Rocket in a very haughty tone of voice, "I see that you belong to the lower orders.
John Alaric Hirst," he began in a jaunty tone of voice.
It is not true," said Milady, in a tone of voice so firm, and with a countenance so unchanged, that if D'Artagnan had not been in such perfect possession of the fact, he would have doubted.
Monson, in the kindest possible tone of voice, and I make no manner of doubt with a most benevolent smile, though I could not see her.
RESEARCHERS are Cardiff University are looking for parents of newborns to study the effect of tone of voice on babies.
He laughed, reporting that his new company -- an international hospitality firm - didn't have brand guidelines or tone of voice.
M bulk conferred by Big Coat, plus a gruff tone of voice, would be sufficiently intimidating, in a vague sort of way.
This is the army behind the parliamentarians of 'Golden Dawn,' who in good-neighborly and friendly tone of voice, without an ounce of nationalism, say that our country will disappear and decides who can or cannot enter Greece, Kostovska writes.
Other tips are to: ignore them and just put the phone down; tell them in an angry tone of voice you are not interested; just put the receiver down on the side and walk away thus letting the cold caller natter away for nothing; or tell the caller the line is being traced.
Washington, March 26 ( ANI ): Exposure to arguments between parents is associated with the way babies' brains process emotional tone of voice, according to a new study.