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TICTechnologies de l'information et de la Communication
TICTechnologies de l'Information et des Communications (French)
TICTecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones
TICTecnologias de Informação e Comunicação (Portuguese)
TICTitanium Carbide
TICTourist Information Center
TICTenancy in Common (finance)
TICTecnologías de la Información y Comunicaciones (Spanish: Information Technology and Communications)
TICThermal Imaging Camera (used by firefighters, police, and military to detect heat signatures)
TICTrade Information Center
TICThe Inner Circle
TICTotal Inorganic Carbon
ticTechnology Innovation Centre (UCE Birmingham, UK)
TICTotal Ion Current (mass spectrometry)
TICTroops In Contact
TICTurfgrass Information Center
TICTravel Industry Council of Hong Kong
TICTreasury International Capital System
TICToxic Industrial Chemical
TICTrue Interest Cost (bond finance)
TICTime In Class (US State Department)
TICTrusted Internet Connection (US OMB)
TICTechnology Integration Center (US Army ISEC)
TICTravel Information Center
TICTotal Installed Cost (total cost of Engineering/Procurement/Construction, EPC)
TICTenant Income Certification (tax credit compliance)
TICTechnology Information Center
TICTaxe Intérieure de Consommation (French: Domestic Consumption Tax)
TICTraffic Information Centre
TICTransportation Information Center
TICTravelers Insurance Company
TICTravel Insurance Coordinators, Ltd (Toronto, ON, Canada)
TICToken-ring Interface Coupler
TICTechnical Issues Committee (accounting)
TICTantalum-Niobium International Study Center
TICTentatively Identified Compound (analytical laboratories)
TICTank Industry Consultants (Indianapolis, IN)
TICTyre Industry Council (UK)
TICTravel Information Council
TICTime Interval Counter
TICTransvaal Indian Congress
TICTEL-Instrument Electronics Corp. (Carlstadt, NJ; manufacturer of avionics test equipment)
TICTelephone Information Center
TICThe Information Channel
TICTransport Interconnection Charge (FCC)
TICTrouble Isolation Charge
TICTactical Information Coordinator
TICTest Interface Controller
TICTechnical Integration Center
TICTechnical Information Contact (NIST)
TICTelecommunications Information Council (State of Alaska)
TICTechnician in Charge
TICTesting, Inspection and Certification (various organizations)
TICTachycardia Induced Cardiomyopathy
TICThe Interdiction Committee
TICTechnical Information Coordinator
TICTunnel Information & Control (protocol)
TICTactical Intelligence Center
TICTemperature Indicator Controller (industrial description of a controller)
TICToxicology Information Center
TICTarget Information Center
TICTrouble Involontaire Convulsif (French: Involuntary Convulsive Disorder; film)
TICTarget Intercept Computer
TICTijdschrift voor Industriële Cultuur (Dutch: Journal of Industrial Culture; Belgium)
TICTelephone Initial Claims
TICThree Island Crossing (Idaho State Park)
TICTechnology International Corporation
TICTandem Inter-(LATA) Connecting trunk
TICTenderness, Instability, Crepitus
TICTime Is Capital
TICTest Item Cluster
TICTransport Informatic Center (Vietnam)
TICTransactional Interaction Contract
TICTerminal Indicate Capability
TICToaster Input Controller (Cisco)
TICTotal Item Change
TICTehnologiile Informatiei Si Comunicatiei (Romania)
TICTheater Intelligence Center
TICTeacher's Individual Credit
TICTask Interrupt Control
TICTape Intersystem Connection
TICTactical Internet Center
TICTarget to Image Correlation
TICTechnical Interface Concept
TICTenderness, Instability, of Crepitation (trauma examination)
TICTactical Internet Configuration
TICThrottle Input Command
TICTexas Islamic Court
TICTrial Intercept Calculations
TICTiming Interface Card (Sycamore)
TICTop of Inner Casing (monitoring wells to denote measuring point)
TICToxicity Identified Compounds
TICTurbo Interference Cancellation
TICTax Interpretation Circulars
TICTracker Illuminator Console
TICTerminal International Center (ITU-T)
TICTechnical Information Center/Coordinator
TICTactical Integration Center
TICTactical Interface Computer
TICThreat Intelligence Community
TICTraining Implementation Checklist
TICTechnical Instructors Course
TICTechnical Interface Certification
TICTesting and Interoperability Center
TICTraining & Information Co-Ordination
TICTechnology in Context (education)
TICThe Irvine Company (various locations)
TICTraining in Communication (various organizations)
TICTeknisk Information Centre (Sweden)
TICThe International Coalition (Red River Basin; US and Canada)
TICTaipei International Church (Taipei, Taiwan)
TICTransport, Infrastructure and Communities (Infrastructure Canada)
TICThe Techdirt Insight Community (forum)
TICTogether in Christ
TICThe Immaculate Collection (music album)
TICTo Improve Conditions (club)
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Dr Banks said: 'It has got an element of tongue-in-cheek, but it is not patronising about women.
Curmudgeon" is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek compilation of professional and career advice for young attorneys.
The 21-year-old musician, from Co Wexford, insisted yesterday his song is tongue-in-cheek and is not promoting alcohol.
com It takes a tongue-in-cheek look at what characteristics help those who choose to start their own business.
The 26-year-old is today named ECHO cartoon competition winner for this tongue-in-cheek take on Liverpool fashion.
From the author's daily life in a house so close to the Mississippi banks that each spring she must open her basement doors to accept the regular floods, to tongue-in-cheek accounts of river rats and towboat pilots, to tales of desperate sandbagging against unruly flood tides, river hangouts, choice waterfront taverns, and more.
A tongue-in-cheek guest appearance on Will & Grace in 2000 had him playing an "ex-gay" who eventually backslides.
are tongue-in-cheek summarized, as are notable events and key instances of historic gestalt.
00pm (2004) (15) Tongue-in-cheek big-screen version of the classic Seventies cop show, starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson as the mismatched crime-fighting duo.
Planer enhances this with an assortment of unusual voices and an appropriately tongue-in-cheek narrative style.
McGinness uses titles as tongue-in-cheek disclaimers to defend his work against accusations of aestheticism or sentimentality, but he is an aesthete and a sentimentalist, as witness the beautiful Alia Iacta Est, which suggests a rich fantasy life and a romantic sensibility.