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With such assurance, and rather wondering what might have taken place if it HAD been anything about tonnage, Mr Clennam withdrew to pursue his inquiries.
He stood with a map on Mercator's projection before him, swaying to the swinging of the ship and talking of guns and tonnage, of ships and their build and powers and speed, of strategic points, and bases of operation.
The reallocation of 4% of the tonnage withdrawn with public aid is too low in relation to the whole of the coastal fishing fleet and is not sufficient to improve safety, hygiene, working conditions and product quality on board, maintains the European Parliament.
The town instituted the policy limiting the amount of trash that could be brought to Wheelabrator by local haulers, keeping the majority of the free annual tonnage open for the town transfer station.
And the same four countries together account for over three quarters (78%) of the tonnage of imports by road in 2004.
"Management feels that the potential to develop a higher tonnage resource in this newly recognized environment is high," reads the release.
This FS Screen, part of the recent upgrade, measures 6 feet by 16 feet and is able to handle higher tonnage rates than the 5 feet by 12 feet GP screen it replaced.
The new system will remain in place to the end of 2007 and will offer a 10% discount on additional tonnage provided by a carrier over and above that provided in the corresponding summer or winter schedule.
You must have a market for all this additional tonnage. Does Chile really need this much more folding carton capacity?
Despite an economic slump last year and a 5% drop in the number of vessel arrivals, shipping tonnage rose 1.5% from 971 million in 2002, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore said.
Shipping tonnage rose 5.5% to 960.1 million gross tons.