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BASF AG capacity increased to 595,000 tons/year in conjunction with the start of its production in Brazil, which added 60,000 tons/year.
The company also plans to build a naphtha cracking unit to increase its ethylene production capacity to 1 million tons/year from 600,000 tons at present.
It produces almost 2m tons/year of petrochemicals at its Russian and Ukrainian plants.
Al-Rajhi has a new petrochemicals complex in Jubail, on the Saudi Gulf coast, which includes a 120,000 tons/year LAB plant.
Metal production should average 200,000 tons/year of nickel and 400,000 tons/year of copper, while platinum group production will stay at current levels.
DuPont Packaging and Industrial Polymers, Wilmington, DE, has signed a letter of intent with Saudi International Petrochemical to license DuPont technology and participate with other entities in a joint venture for a new 275,000 tons/year vinyl acetate monomer manufacturing plant to be located in Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia.
5 million tons/year oil refinery (Lube-l) of National Refinery Limited (NRL) which was set up in 1966 by Amin group of companies with a total investment of Rs.
Ltd and JFE Chemical Corporation, JFE Zhenxing Shandong Chemical Company Ltd finished its scale-up project for realizing coal tar capacity of 500,000 tons/year, and put into production in December of 2010.
000 tons/year of FORM (Spanish Source Segregated Organics with high content of impurities), from which approximately 35.
Production is expected to begin in March 2017, adding 1500 tons/year of the material to its existing 4000 tons/year.
The first contract, valued at approximately EUR50m, covers the license as well as the engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC) for a hydrogen generation unit with a capacity of 36,000 tons/year.
At times this unit has operated at more than 70,000 tons/year