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TONYTalk of New York
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But of course it was daytime when they were in the Gardens, and then Tony did most of the talking.
"Oh, Tony," she would say, with awful respect, "but the fairies will be so angry!"
"I shall make him," replied Tony; no wonder she was proud of him.
I offered my pockets, but Tony shook her head and carefully put the green insect in her hair, tying her big handkerchief down loosely over her curls.
`My papa sick all the time,' Tony panted as we flew.
Tony ran up to him, caught his hand and pressed it against her cheek.
"As gentle as e'er a lady in the land," said Tony, turning his large black eye round the room, and letting it dwell a moment on the beautiful face of Julia--her heart throbbed with tumultuous emotion at the first sound of his voice, and she was highly amused at the ingenuity he had displayed, in paying a characteristic compliment to her gentleness, in this clandestine manner--if he preserves his incognito so ingeniously he will never be detected, thought Julia, and all will be well.
"How long have you followed the business of a driver, Tony?" said Charles, in the careless manner of a gentleman when he wishes to introduce familiarity with an inferior, by seeming to take an interest in the other's affairs.
"In what manner did you lose your eye, Tony," said Charles, in a tone of sympathy that Julia blessed him for in her heart, although she knew that the member was uninjured, and only hidden to favour his disguise.
"If I had the energy I once possessed, Tony!" says Mr.
Guppy concludes by resigning the adventure to Tony Jobling and informing him that during the vacation and while things are slack, his purse, "as far as three or four or even five pound goes," will be at his disposal.
With a strange ab- sorbed light in his eyes he pounced upon Ed Thomas, he who knew Pop Geers and whose opin- ion of Tony Tip's chances was worth considering.