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TCBHToo Clever by Half
TCBHTime-Consistent Busy Hour
TCBHThis Can't Be Healthy
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E-M can certainly afford to be too clever by half because his cooking has touches of brilliance.
"It sounds too clever by half but I wouldn't entirely rule it out," they added.
It is too clever by half. To begin with, the Fat Man, Andy Dalziel, is now awake from the coma he suffered from a bomb blast in the previous novel in the series, and, although weakened and thinner, is still, at least, awake and witty.
The former Sheffield United defender tried to be too clever by half and gifted Wednesday their opening goal.
The titles are Too Clever by Half and Captain Macdonald; or, Haps and Mishaps at Capias Castle.
As a songwriter, Dar Williams can often be too clever by half. Every witticism and each brilliant social observation are balanced by a sliver of painful truth that brings about a lump in the listener's throat.
CITROEN has learned its lesson from the last C5 which tried to be too clever by half, and the new version is not only free of design gimmicks but is much more driver-involving and driver-friendly.
Too Clever By Half was a guitar-based track in a similar vein to some songs on our first album, so we made it into a disco track, like Donna Summer.
With assets worth billions Now stated in millions, Those chaps were too clever by half!
Unfortunately, its academic origins are all too evident: the 360-page text is divided into a series of 'Livres', which are then divided into 'Parties', themselves divided into 'Chapitres' (often extremely short), and all with titles that are occasionally too clever by half; the 'Chapitres' are then subdivided by subtitles given in a sometimes irritating play of different typographies (irritating because they are without any apparent logic or meaning).
Brown It's not just David Mamet's extensive writings about writing that have led some critics to regard him as a dangerously self-conscious dramatist, too clever by half. Undisguised patterning is embedded in the very language of his plays and screenplays, and not for nothing did he call his first film as writer-director "House of Games."
Pundits are being too clever by half when they postulate on the effect that the bust-up with Cristiano Ronaldo had on him, or the resentment caused by the FA refusing to overturn his three-match ban.