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The gap is not significant and means it is too close to call ahead of today's vote.
Scotland Stronger in Europe spokesman John Edward said: "Our approach in the last few days will be to stress that there is absolutely everything to play for as the UK polls indicate it is too close to call, and so every vote counts and Scotland can make the difference.
The popular vote, which is symbolically and politically important but not decisive in the race, remains too close to call.
Obviously this [election] is too close to call, there are many seats where it's too close to call and it ?will take a number of days to determine who won."
Poland's presidential race between business-friendly Bronislaw Komorowski and conservative Jaroslaw Kaczynski is too close to call ahead of the final round of voting this Sunday, surveys showed on Friday, according to Reuters.
The Blue Square South clash between play-off contenders Havant and Braintree looks too close to call after the Hawks defied suspensions to beat Staines on Saturday.
The race may remain too close to call until initial results are posted for all of Iraq's 18 provinces, including pivotal areas like Baghdad, the ethnically and religiously diverse capital city, suggesting it may be even harder than expected to form a government if no single bloc emerges as a clear victor.
President of the IABA Dominic O'Rourke says most of the bouts are too close to call. .
Summary: Israelis voted on Tuesday in an election that pollsters say is too close to call
An extraordinary hearing of the FIA's general assembly will sit in judgement on Mosley, and by all accounts, the vote would appear to be too close to call.
While the contest remained too close to call, the sitting Mayor was two points ahead of his Tory rival in the Mruk Cello survey for The Sunday Times.
The matter will be decided in Paris today, with a Sunday newspaper saying the company believed the result was too close to call.