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TOOLTime of Our Lives
TOOLTycoon Object Oriented Language
TOOLThe Order of Light (Cybernations gaming group)
TOOLThe Open Opinion Layer (article; First Monday; peer reviewed internet journal)
TOOLTest Object Oriented Library
TOOLTiny Object-Oriented Language (computing)
TOOLConference on Technology of Object-Orientated Languages and Systems
TOOLTennessee Organization Of Locksmiths
References in classic literature ?
Then he unlocked the copper chest and lifted the lid, and Dorothy saw it was full of shining tools of all sorts and shapes.
However, this set me on rummaging for clothes, of which I found enough, but took no more than I wanted for present use, for I had others things which my eye was more upon - as, first, tools to work with on shore.
But it is with such tools that I must work; and for whose advantage?
You removed this stone very carelessly; but I suppose you had no tools to aid you.
The thing failed this time, however, so the boys shouldered their tools and went away feeling that they had not trifled with fortune, but had fulfilled all the requirements that be- long to the business of treasure-hunting.
Adam called out, laying down his tools, striding up to Ben, and seizing his right shoulder.
He handled the tools as if he liked the feel of them; and when he planed, his hands went back and forth over the boards in an eager, beneficent way as if he were blessing them.
They had none of them any firearms or any other weapons but hatchets and other tools, except this third Englishman; he had one of my rusty cutlasses, with which he made at the two last Spaniards, and wounded them both.
I'll have it ready in little or no time," he said, bustling and packing away his tools.
We passed through one of the town gates, and went about three miles into the country, where I saw many labourers working with several sorts of tools in the ground, but was not able to conjecture what they were about: neither did observe any expectation either of corn or grass, although the soil appeared to be excellent.
No tools will make a man a skilled workman, or master of defence, nor be of any use to him who has not learned how to handle them, and has never bestowed any attention upon them.
But though they should be so, they are not sufficient for our purpose, without a good share of learning; for which I could again cite the authority of Horace, and of many others, if any was necessary to prove that tools are of no service to a workman, when they are not sharpened by art, or when he wants rules to direct him in his work, or hath no matter to work upon.