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TOPICTrainers of Pastors International Coalition (Elkhorn, NE)
TOPICTohoku Open Internet Community
TOPICTask-Oriented Processes in Care (ambulatory care model)
TOPICTraining Organisation for Professionals in Construction (UK)
TOPICTechnically Optimised Pile Concept (EU project)
TOPICThe Objective Personnel Inventory - Civilian
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65 ff., suggests topics for consideration, if general discussion is desired in addition to reading of the poems.
Consider such topics as: subjects and moods; general quality and its contrast with that of later lyric poetry; emotion, fancy, and imagination; imagery; melody and rhythm; contrasts among the poems; the sonnets.
"I think you may depend on me now with regard to any topic. I can even discuss Mr.
'There is a--hum--a topic,' said Mr Dorrit, looking all about the ceiling of the room, and never at the attentive, uncomplainingly shocked face, 'a painful topic, a series of events which I wish -- ha--altogether to obliterate.
He confined the knowledge of governing within very narrow bounds, to common sense and reason, to justice and lenity, to the speedy determination of civil and criminal causes; with some other obvious topics, which are not worth considering.
He had talked to her more than once on the serious topics of life, on his aspirations, on what a man could do to leave the world better for his presence.
In protracted expectation of the weather clearing up, the last evening paper from London was read and re-read with an intensity of interest only known in cases of extreme destitution; every inch of the carpet was walked over with similar perseverance; the windows were looked out of, often enough to justify the imposition of an additional duty upon them; all kinds of topics of conversation were started, and failed; and at length Mr.
Weller's statement relative to the accommodations of the establishment, and to back his entreaties with a variety of dismal conjectures regarding the state of the roads, the doubt of fresh horses being to be had at the next stage, the dead certainty of its raining all night, the equally mortal certainty of its clearing up in the morning, and other topics of inducement familiar to innkeepers.
Later it was confirmed and solidified when Wilson proposed that out of courtesy to the strangers the usual topics be put aside and the hour be devoted to conversation upon ordinary subjects and the cultivation of friendly relations and good-fellowship--a proposition which was put to vote and carried.
where [K.sub.di] is the topic assignment for the [] word in document d.
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