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TOPMASTTomorrow's Personnel Management System (UK Royal Navy)
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Chimney, white with crusted salt; topmasts struck; storm-sails set; rigging all knotted, tangled, wet, and drooping: a gloomier picture it would be hard to look upon.
True, the wind itself tore our canvas out of the gaskets, jerked out our topmasts, and made a raffle of our running gear, but still we would have come through nicely had we not been square in front of the advancing storm center.
All the instances I had heard of topmasts being whipped out of a ship while there was not wind enough on her deck to blow out a match rushed into my memory.
William Baker reported that a group of ship carpenters and ship masters in 1590 appraised the 35-ton bark Katheryn of Weymouth and the survey reported that she "carried the normal three-masted ship rig of that period--fore, main, and mizzen masts with topmasts on her fore and main" (Baker 1962: 81-82).
Bream had two masts with gaff-rigged sails], and, as one of its commanders commented, her "sailing qualities were of the most inferior order." Her small size and fore-and-aft rig allowed the vessel to blend in with US coastal shipping (especially with the topmasts sent down [Some ships--usually those, such as warships and privateers, that needed more speed--sometimes had smaller masts attached atop their main masts, with spars to support an additional set of small square sails.
Tell him of incarceration, slavery, and honest, faithful servitude, of raising a tempest, setting aflame the topmast of a ship, and leaving everyone unharmed, as you were tasked.
The dark blue sky was studded with the tropical stars; there was no sound but the rippling of the water under the stem; and the sails were spread out, wide and high;--the two lower studding-sails stretching, on each side, far beyond the deck: the topmast studding-sails, like wings to the topsails; the top-gallant studding-sails spreading fearlessly out above them; still higher, the two royal studding-sails, looking like two kites flying from the same string; and, highest of all, the little sky-sail, the apex of the pyramid, seeming actually to touch the stars, and to be out of reach of human hand.
Among these papers are indications that Wortman worked hard to maintain a sense of Barnes's accent in its transition from spoken word to text: she made lists of abbreviations of words like "topm'st" (topmast), "t'gallant" (topgallant), and "mainsa'l" (mainsail) to keep his voice consistent and precise.
So disdainful of these was Hawke that he ordered his ships to set their top gallant sails for more speed and a red flag hoisted at the topmast as signal: 'Use utmost endeavour ...
On October 2 at 19.58 (GMT) the Belle Isle wireless station in Labrador received a message from the Millpool: Aft hatch stoved in, main topmast gone, three men injured, drifting helplessly before gale, using temporary aerial.