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TORSOThirty and Over Recreational Soccer Organization (Texas)
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At last he succeeded--his great muscles tensed and knotted beneath his smooth hide as he forced with every ounce of his mighty strength to push the hairy torso from him.
Reflects mature young lady; raven locks, and complexion that lights up well when well powdered--as it is--carrying on considerably in the captivation of mature young gentleman; with too much nose in his face, too much ginger in his whiskers, too much torso in his waistcoat, too much sparkle in his studs, his eyes, his buttons, his talk, and his teeth.
I have seen men and women beaten by whips and clubs and fists, and I have seen the rhinoceros-hide whips laid around the naked torsos of black boys so heartily that each stroke stripped away the skin in full circle.
Officials with the Directorate of Public Health said Wednesday that the baby had died inside the mother's womb and the torso, which remained inside the womb, was removed later on.
Singer Justin Bieber, who has various tattoos all over his body, has now got his entire torso inked.
She was last seen alive on the submarine on August 10 and her torso was found on Monday.
The headless torso was found by a member of the public who was cycling on Copenhagen's southern Amager island on Monday, near where Kim was believed to have died.
A cyclist discovered the torso off the coast of Copenhagen, Denmark, on Monday.
In 2011 there were claims the torso belonged to a six-year-old called Ikpomwosa, after journalists tracked down a woman who used to care for him in Germany.
But few scientists have focused on the torso's frame and how diet helps sculpt it over time.
the 'torso bent' posture (11 drivers-21.6%), the 'torso against backrest' posture (28 drivers-54.9%) and the 'torso straight' posture (34 drivers-66.7%).
Fitting Symptoms: Unlike the torso where visual fit issues might go unnoticed, arm and sleeve issues will announce their presence the moment you move your arm.