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TORUSTools for Object-based Large-Scale Reuse in Industrial Systems Design
TORUSTexas Oklahoma Regional Undergraduate Symposium (mathematics)
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BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-September 13, 2010--AM Best lifts Torus National Insurance to A-(C)2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
3] Peculiar small polyps have been found in the tubal ostium, on the torus tubarius, and in Rosenmuller's fossa.
affiliate, Torus Specialty and Torus National continue to maintain strong stand-alone capitalization, which is largely driven by their low net underwriting leverage.
The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of torus palatinus and torus mandibularis in relation to age and gender in patients attending Queen Alia Mili- tary Hospital.
The rating actions follow the completion of Torus National's acquisition in July 2010 by Torus Specialty Insurance Co, a subsidiary of Torus Insurance Holdings Ltd (Torus), from TIG Insurance Co, a holding company that is ultimately owned by Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd (TSE:FFH), the analysts explained.
Frequently, the pit membrane is aspirated and the torus blocks one of the apertures of a given bordered pit pair (compare Figs.
Unlike ordinary three-dimensional objects, these shapes live in four-dimensional--or higher--space and curve in on themselves as the sphere and torus do in three-dimensional space.
Our clients will experience no disruption; they will benefit from the same strong team of Underwriters and Claims handlers under the continued supervision of Starr Managing Agents Limited," said Chris Hancock, Active Underwriter for Starr Syndicate 1919 and Torus Syndicate 2243.
Pit membranes between large diameter spring wood vessel members generally lacked a torus in both freshly collected and herbarium material (Fig.
Torus Specialty and Torus National maintain a strong stand-alone capitalization, which is driven by low underwriting leverage, negligible investment leverage and capital contributions from Torus.
In Daphne and Osmanthus torus development is completed late in cell ontogeny and is associated with a microtubule plexus.
The trefoil is the simplest example of a torus knot, Torus knots can be described as a loop wrapping around the surface of a doughnut a number of times.