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TORUSTools for Object-based Large-Scale Reuse in Industrial Systems Design
TORUSTexas Oklahoma Regional Undergraduate Symposium (mathematics)
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Three months on, Torus group chief executive Rob Young and Torus group chair and former Wirral Council chief executive Graham Burgess share their vision of the future not just for Torus but for the region too.
Torus managing director Will Mora, who started the firm in 1995, will remain part of the business, Mr Bottomley said.
The Soft Landing Torus is also in Patent Pending status within the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
Recently, a number of species in various genera of the angiosperms have been observed to have bordered pit pairs possessing an impermeable torus as well as a surrounding margo with openings the size of the pit membrane of typical angiosperms rather than the larger openings of the margos of gymnosperms.
Genetic influence on the prevalence of torus palatinus.
Carr can often revitalise a jaded runner and that certainly seemed to be the case when King Torus pitched up at Newcastle two weeks ago where he cruised through the field and scored by a handy head, with the first three pulling well clear of the rest.
Admittedly, King Torus is a long way off that level now, but he is no back number and merits support.
Admittedly King Torus is a long way o his 110 pomp, but he is certainly no back number.
The aetiology of torus palatinus has been researched extensively and is thought to arise from an interplay between genetic and environmental factors and masticatory function.
Torus, founded in 2008, is a global specialty insurer employing over 500 people in 14 offices worldwide.
About Torus Torus Specialty and Torus National Insurance Company are two of several companies that comprise the Torus group of insurance companies (the "Torus Group").
In case of a vacuum pump, vacuum is produced in the space of the pipeline to the right from the torus (Fig.