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TOTTottenham (soccer team; UK)
TOTTraining of Trainers
TOTTime on Tape (US Navy)
TOTTemple of Time (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time; video game)
TOTTrick Or Treat
TOTTower of Terror
TOTTower of Terror (Disney Parks)
TOTTrail of Tears
TOTTongue Out Tuesday (pet pictures)
TOTTexting on Toilet (senior texting)
TOTTalk of the Town
TOTTrain of Thought
TOTTurned Over To
TOTTheatre of Tragedy (band)
TOTTerms of Trade
TOTTip-Of-The-Tongue (memory)
TOTTransfer of Technology
TOTToday or Tomorrow
TOTTelephone Organization of Thailand
TOTTransobturator Tape (urology)
TOTTime of Travel
TOTTime-Out Timer (radios)
TOTTotally Off Topic
TOTTotonicapan (Guatemala territorial division)
TOTTemplars of Twilight (gaming)
TOTTransfer of Title
TOTTrajectory Optimization Tool (Kerbal Space Program)
TOTTransmission Oil Temperature (automobiles)
TOTTransfer Of Training
TOTTime Of Transmission
TOTTeachers of Tomorrow (education program; various schools)
TOTTime Offset Table
TOTTime Over Target
TOTTrans-Obturator Tape
TOTTeam Orange Triangle
TOTThousand Oaks Transit (California)
TOTTooth of Time (Philmont Scout Ranch)
TOTTree of Tranquility (video game)
TOTTurbine Outlet Temperature
TOTTop of Tree (used to refer to latest code in a CVS tree)
TOTTriumph Over Tragedy (journalism)
TOTTransportation Of Things
TOTTubal Ovum Transfer
TOTTotal On-Time
TOTTourist Organization of Thailand
TOTTransient and Occupancy Tax (rentals)
TOTTotal Outgoing Traffic
TOTTriangle of Trust (award)
TOTTechnical Operations Team (various organizations)
TOTTime On/Over Target
TOTTask Order Team (Defense Logistics Agency)
TOTTrade-Off Technique
TOTTorpedo Tube Pamphlet
TOTTrans Oceanic Travels (India)
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Caption: THE FLAVOR Tater Tots are basically just hash browns rolled into a ball, but onions and seasonings mixed into the batch give them their distinctive taste.
Albert Dock restaurant Revolucion de Cuba has Black Tot on sale by the glass.
OOO TOT Money is a mobile payment processor and mobile commerce provider that facilitates the payment, aggregation and distribution of secure, modern mobile transactions.
The USD 11m credit facility will provide TOT Money with financial resources to attract top customers and continue to build upon its platform for Russia and the Commonwealth Independent States markets.
Did I want some drab mechanic with his toolbag / some flesh-fixer with an itching scrotum and half-a-dozen words designed to terrify the terrified / did I want his jargon and bad breath contaminating the terrible meeting of Tot and his ally Death /1 did say ally / yes / in this instance he visited / and did not stop .
A description of two models that have been developed to explain the TOT phenomenon follows.
This supportive finding suggests that a TOT sling would be just as beneficial as a retropubic sling in women who have ISD--although other recent studies that specifically addressed this matter came to a different conclusion.
TOT received its 1900 MHz spectrum, which is part of the 2.
In order to meet gaps identified during the experience-sharing forums, AKU has also conducted six refresher training courses addressing the identified gaps in the previous TOT courses.
This will allow TOT to provide its customers with an ultra-high speed broadband connection of up to 24Mb/s.
1% of women undergoing TVT and no patient undergoing TOT.
As the tot had no name, the nameplate on his coffin read 'Baby Newbridge'.