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TAVTren de Alta Velocidad (Spanish: High-Speed Train)
TAVTraction Avant
TAVTotal Asset Visibility
TAVThe Artists Village
TAVTropical Atlantic Variability (meteorology)
TAVTreno ad Alta Velocità (Italian: high speed train)
TAVTerror Ad Vincit (gaming)
TAVTechnical Assistance Visit
TAVTransatmospheric Vehicle
TAVTomato Aspermy Virus
TAVTechnical Availability
TAVTender Availability
TAVTest and Verification
TAVTarget Acquisition and Verification
TAVTeen Age Volunteer
TAVTotal Annual Volume
TAVTransverse Acoustic-wave Voltage
TAVTransit Accounting Version
TAVTechnical Architecture View
TAVTimestamp-interval Adjustment at Validation
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As an enabler of Total Asset Visibility, automatic identification technology (AIT) is a mechanism that can be used at critical nodes in the logistics supply chain to provide efficient and effective logistics data collection.
First, BCS3 needs to provide not only in-transit visibility but also total asset visibility. Second, BCS3 needs to be able to provide the appropriate level of asset visibility continuously to everyone in the logistics chain, from the operator of a truck to the TSC commander.
The DOD literature regarding total asset visibility actions and the use of RFID technology supplies several key assumptions that seem important in defining future RFID metrics to use in decision making following any total or near total adoption of RFID technology [5,6].
To ensure in-transit visibility and total asset visibility, there was a mandatory requirement for Radio Frequency Identification tags to be used on all containers carrying subsistence and construction/barrier material, he said.
Total asset visibility (TAV) in Iraq is within reach.
Consumers and logisticians from all agencies and Services will enter local supporting systems, plug into the sustainment network, and be afforded end-to-end joint total asset visibility (JTAV).
"Our value to the warfighter resides in our ability to deliver capability and sustainment on time and ensure that we can provide timely accurate in-transit visibility and total asset visibility of all surface equipment and supplies at all times."
The growing operator requirements for EOD tactical vehicles, robots, communication systems, biometrics equipment, and weapons make it imperative that there remains total asset visibility of the battle space.
Gaining and maintaining total asset visibility (TAV) on the battlefield requires resourcing and training.
The consolidation of authority under one process owner is aimed at realizing logistics efficiencies: eliminate existing seams between current distribution processes and standardize the policies, vision and performance goals in DoD's supply chain; drive interoperable information technology solutions and enhance total asset visibility to distribution customers; institutionalize sustainment planning into our contingency processes; and streamline distribution accountability under a single combatant commander (provide one single accountable person for the combatant commander to contact for their distribution needs).
As it is implemented, UID is expected to contribute significantly toward total asset visibility in a spiral development process via our evolutionary acquisition system.
Total asset visibility was almost nonexistent because shippers did not document the details of the cargo.
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