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TQMTotal Quality Management
TQMTe Quiero Mucho
TQMTraining Quality Management (various organizations)
TQMTotal Quality Movement
TQMTricycles et Quadricycles A Moteur (France)
TQMTransport Quartermaster
TQMTraining Quota Memorandum
TQMTechnical Quality Measures
TQMTax Qualified Maintenance
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Key Words: Total Quality Management, Marketing Management, Customer Value, Quantitative, Customer Satisfaction, Marketing
Explain the basic concepts of total quality management.
Proponents of Total Quality Management spawned an overwhelming number of buzzwords and platitudes: empowerment, customer focus, continuous improvement, and so on.
By October 1994, 415 schools, colleges, and universities were using Total Quality Management, an increase of 43 percent over the previous year as reported in Fortune (1994).
TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT (TQM) provides a proven, systematic method with which the IRS can accomplish its goals in an integrated way.
Presenting new tools for managing and focusing change dedicated to increasing economic growth, The Next Phase of Total Quality Management shows how TQM II makes the vital connection between the local actions of management intended to improve the company and their impact on profits.
This shift to a new external business strategy was accompanied by significant internal changes with regard to compensation, reorganization, development of a company vision and implementation of total quality management principles.
The principles of Total Quality Management (TQM) were originally designed to increase quality in business and manufacturing settings.
The recommended process, which this article outlines, involves examining the dynamics of performance, developing an understanding of Total Quality Management (TQM), employing empowerment techniques, and finally, instituting a system to monitor the agency's progress.
The Federal Total Quality Management Handbook defines the concept as "a way of managing at all levels, top management to front-line, to achieve customer satisfaction by involving all employees in continuously improving the work processes of the organization" (United States Office of Personnel Management 1992, p.
As you know, TEl is a strong supporter of the IRS's total quality management efforts.
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