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TOUCHTogether Our Unity Can Heal (New York)
TOUCHTelehealth Outreach for Unified Community Health (University of New Mexico)
TOUCHTherapy of Unique Canine Helpers (St. Louis, MO)
TOUCHThe Organization for Universal Communal Harmony (Fairfax, VA)
TOUCHTake One Ukrainian Child's Hand
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We get a minute's breathing-time before old Brooke kicks out, and he gives the word to play strongly for touch, by the three trees.
In spite of the taboo, the need for touch does not disappear in boys and men.
Friday, April 1 at 5:30 PM CST, Touch International will host approximately 60 technology professionals and SID Texas chapter members from around the state, at its Austin, TX headquarters location, for an evening of networking, learning and more.
3 : to hit lightly <Be careful not to touch the walls.
From birth on, parents can offer nurturing touch in response to the baby's capacity and willingness to accept it.
Keeping the nose over the knees, the hurdler will touch down on the ball of the foot (very important), with the center of gravity in front of the touch-down foot (Photos 1, 4-6).
This changes when hands clasping in prayer become hands grasping for the apple, in an association that contributed to the idea that women were not to touch the consecrated host, just as Magdalen (though not Thomas) was enjoined by a wounded, redemptive Jesus to keep her hands off.
We brought old cuts and healed gashes home from school or camp in the hopes that someone would touch, kiss, or hug them.
Frequently, even the elderly accept this form of stereotyping and therefore do not expect to have their touch needs met.
Only eight of 36 children who underwent the genital exam remembered vaginal touching through free recall and six through doll demonstrations; four children correctly reported anal touch in free recall and in demonstrations.
This conference is a gathering of industry leaders from the touchscreen display market," explains Michael McNally, Southwest Regional Sales Manager for Touch International.