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TOUGHTransport Of Unsaturated Groundwater and Heat (computer code from Lawrence Berkeley Labs)
TOUGHTargeting Optimal Use of GPS (Global Positioning System) Humidity Measurements In Meteorology (US NWS)
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Strickland had no papers, but that was not a matter to disconcert Tough Bill when he saw a profit (he took the first month's wages of the sailor for whom he found a berth), and he provided Strickland with those of an English stoker who had providentially died on his hands.
Tough Bill's fare was seldom extravagant, and you rose from his table almost as hungry as you sat down, but for some days they had good reason to regret it.
Bucket has to take Jo by the arm a little above the elbow and walk him on before him, without which observance neither the Tough Subject nor any other Subject could be professionally conducted to Lincoln's Inn Fields.
"Be quite sure of what you say, Tough," returns Bucket, narrowly observant of him.
Two blocks from the laundry, where an arc-light showed a gang of toughs on the corner, Saxon quickened her pace.
We smouched the grindstone, and set out to roll her home, but it was a most nation tough job.
But I hated to spoil the Queen's blade upon his tough stick or no less tough hide.
In the good town of Blyth there lived a stout tanner, celebrated far and near for feats of strength and many tough bouts at wrestling and the quarterstaff.
Sometimes the men and women tied tough vines about the bundles of ferns and branches that they carried to the caves to sleep upon.
Strong and tough were the ropes of Tarzan, the little Tarmangani.
Say something abusive to me!' All the time, Mr Pancks was tearing at his tough hair in a most pitiless and cruel manner.
Buffalo Bill and Thorndike had lolled both of those toughs.