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TUMTechnische Universität München (German University)
TUMTechnical University of Munich (Munich, Germany)
TUMTrade Union Movement (various locations)
TUMTruck Utility Medium
TUMThe Underground Movement
TUMTechnical University of Moldova
TUMTracked Umbilical Machine
TUMTeachers' Union of Malawi
TUMTécnico en Urgencias Médicas (Spanish: Emergency Medical Technician)
TUMTag-Out Users Manual
TUMTransports Urbains Montluçonnais (French: Montluçon Urban Transport; Montluçon, France)
TUMTransports Urbains Mendois (French: Mendois Urban Transport; Mende, France)
TUMTerrain Update Module
TUMTelephone-based Unified Messsaging
TUMTveit Union Musikkorps (Kristiansand, Norway)
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This reduces the ability of the trade union movement to act at the international level.
He was often criticized for getting too close to the right-wing elements in the trade union movement. On the other hand, he was always suspect to the right-wing element for being too close to the left and to the communists in the unions.
These points can be summarized as follows: (i) that the Sudanese trade union movement is an offshoot of colonialism; (ii) it needs to be Islamized; (iii) its involvement in politics, which is sanctioned by its achievement of two political strikes that toppled both Abboud and Nemeiri, should be abandoned; (iv) there should be no denominational system of union organization.
Because the labor movement in the United States was significantly influenced by the German trade union movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, readers in the United States have a natural interest in these early events.
The U.S., AIFLD, and Duarte's government all deny they helped establish the parallel trade union movement. But classified U.S.
Mr McCormack was active in the trade union movement all his working life and was the branch chairman at Northumberland College for many years.
The trade union movement has always been the driving force behind the Labour Party's efforts to improve the living and working conditions, health and wellbeing of ordinary people.
THE TRADE Union movement on Teesside is mourning the death of one of its greatest ambassadors.
THE trade union movement, in its conception, was a wonderful ideal, but it is in process of destruction from within by muddled thinking.
The sooner trade unionists wake up to the fact that they are being milked dry not only by the big bosses in this country but certainly by their own bosses within the trade union movement, the better.
Mr Cable's reported comments are inflammatory and provocative and reveal a great hostility to the British trade union movement that has earned the right to defend its members over many centuries.
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