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TOTTottenham (soccer team; UK)
TOTTraining of Trainers
TOTTime on Tape (US Navy)
TOTTemple of Time (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time; video game)
TOTTrick Or Treat
TOTTower of Terror
TOTTower of Terror (Disney Parks)
TOTTrail of Tears
TOTTongue Out Tuesday (pet pictures)
TOTTexting on Toilet (senior texting)
TOTTalk of the Town
TOTTrain of Thought
TOTTurned Over To
TOTTheatre of Tragedy (band)
TOTTerms of Trade
TOTTip-Of-The-Tongue (memory)
TOTTransfer of Technology
TOTToday or Tomorrow
TOTTelephone Organization of Thailand
TOTTransobturator Tape (urology)
TOTTime of Travel
TOTTime-Out Timer (radios)
TOTTotally Off Topic
TOTTotonicapan (Guatemala territorial division)
TOTTemplars of Twilight (gaming)
TOTTransfer of Title
TOTTrajectory Optimization Tool (Kerbal Space Program)
TOTTransmission Oil Temperature (automobiles)
TOTTransfer Of Training
TOTTime Of Transmission
TOTTeachers of Tomorrow (education program; various schools)
TOTTime Offset Table
TOTTime Over Target
TOTTrans-Obturator Tape
TOTTeam Orange Triangle
TOTThousand Oaks Transit (California)
TOTTooth of Time (Philmont Scout Ranch)
TOTTree of Tranquility (video game)
TOTTurbine Outlet Temperature
TOTTop of Tree (used to refer to latest code in a CVS tree)
TOTTriumph Over Tragedy (journalism)
TOTTransportation Of Things
TOTTubal Ovum Transfer
TOTTotal On-Time
TOTTourist Organization of Thailand
TOTTransient and Occupancy Tax (rentals)
TOTTotal Outgoing Traffic
TOTTriangle of Trust (award)
TOTTechnical Operations Team (various organizations)
TOTTime On/Over Target
TOTTask Order Team (Defense Logistics Agency)
TOTTrade-Off Technique
TOTTorpedo Tube Pamphlet
TOTTrans Oceanic Travels (India)
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I think that the fact that you felt obliged to answer the call, thereby forcing your train of thought to make an unnecessary stop, completely confirms that you felt that the call required immediate attention.
Symptoms can range from having a shaky voice, feeling nauseous, blushing, sweaty palms to drawing a blank with your train of thought.
He probably said "womb," but it began a train of thought.
So it's no surprise that his recent book Urban Souls continues the train of thought.
And you'd be well advised to follow his train of thought, which leads to digital.
Bamboo was used because its strength ensured the nib wouldn't snap, destroying the writer's train of thought and spoiling the page on which they were writing.
The data is held in a data mart and manipulated through train of thought discovery and 'what if' analysis.
Major depression includes not only feelings of intense sadness and despair but also a wandering, indecisive train of thought.
The dialogue is simplified and only includes the deeper discussions regarding one train of thought.
Following out Brown's train of thought through the works of his legion students (Traylor and Winston included), it is today possible - as many in the academy are doing - to imagine African American literature at the very heart of American literature, to conceptualize a healthy cultural open-heartedness (call it "multiculturalism," "pluralism," or what you will), and to understand in a concrete way the constructedness of the world of discourse.
Jon Holme, the original Friar Laurence, offers a depiction so unaffected and nuanced, you feel you're seeing into the character's mind, following his train of thought.
Olaf: Not to interrupt your train of thought, but I've recently been hearing about an alternative approach to online data bases.