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TRANSTransmission (telecommunications)
TRANSTransient Aircraft Summary Product (Wccs)
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Natural trans fat is formed during a process when bacteria is digested by grass-fed cattle, goats, deer, and sheep in their stomachs.
Once you've recovered from that launch party, make sure you catch 100 Trans Voice, an ambitious performance piece which brings together trans artists and community members to share their personal stories (pictured, Sunday, June 30, Royal Exchange).
Food and Drug Administration's requiring trans fat labeling on products beginning in 2006, the study noted.
Abu Dhabi: By 2023, the UAE will ban trans fat that increases bad cholesterol, lowers good cholesterol, promotes clotting, and damages blood vessels, according to an official report.
For some of us, this is a relatively easy thing to manage -- we may move through the world relatively unnoticed as a trans person, with people perceiving us as we perceive ourselves, or not noticing we are trans.
If it is harmful, why do we create artificial trans fat?
In private and in public, trans Pakistanis are ostracised and excluded.
Artificial trans fats or trans fatty acids are manufactured through an industrial process that uses hydrogen to transform liquid vegetable oils into solid.
The trans community is only getting started; remember, the first out trans legislative candidate was Amanda Simpson in 2004."
"It is highly recommended to choose zero gram trans fats foods with no hydrogenated oil in the ingredients list," said Rayan Saleh, dietician from the Department of Clinical Nutrition, Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery, Dubai.