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Through the special, cruisers who rent mobility equipment from SNG for any 2015 transatlantic sailing from North America to Europe will receive an additional piece of rental mobility equipment (of equal or lesser value) for free.
In relation with the recent completion of the deal, TransAtlantic issued nearly 3.
1 per cent premium over Transatlantic s close on Friday.
The transatlantic relationship between the United States and the European Union constitutes the strongest, most comprehensive and strategically most important partnership in the world," said Medina, a former state commerce secretary under the Whitman Administration.
Through transatlantic market integration, a counter-balancing force could be established, large enough to stay in control of the global regulatory principles and of technical standards.
For all of us at DaimlerChrysler, and other transatlantic corporations, this is good news.
From 1870 through 1940 numbers of American travelers to Europe increased as the transatlantic voyage became cheaper, safer, and shorter.
The Marshall Fund is one of the many sinews that bind us together into a true transatlantic community.
3) the acquisition by TransAtlantic from the Protium Group, for nominal consideration, of five new oil and gas exploration projects which have recently been acquired by the Protium Group, including a 50% participation in a 1.
Finlay, who has been with Transatlantic eight years, will be responsible for client development and underwriting strategy.
Onshore will fund 100% of TransAtlantic Turkey's exploration well, up to $3.
Pursuant to the terms of the merger agreement signed on November 20, 2011, former Transatlantic stockholders were entitled to elect to receive, in exchange for each share of Transatlantic common stock held, either shares of Alleghany common stock or cash consideration with a value equal to approximately $61.
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