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TOTTottenham (soccer team; UK)
TOTTraining of Trainers
TOTTime on Tape (US Navy)
TOTTemple of Time (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time; video game)
TOTTrick Or Treat
TOTTower of Terror
TOTTower of Terror (Disney Parks)
TOTTrail of Tears
TOTTongue Out Tuesday (pet pictures)
TOTTexting on Toilet (senior texting)
TOTTalk of the Town
TOTTrain of Thought
TOTTurned Over To
TOTTheatre of Tragedy (band)
TOTTerms of Trade
TOTTip-Of-The-Tongue (memory)
TOTTransfer of Technology
TOTToday or Tomorrow
TOTTelephone Organization of Thailand
TOTTransobturator Tape (urology)
TOTTime of Travel
TOTTime-Out Timer (radios)
TOTTotally Off Topic
TOTTotonicapan (Guatemala territorial division)
TOTTemplars of Twilight (gaming)
TOTTransfer of Title
TOTTrajectory Optimization Tool (Kerbal Space Program)
TOTTransmission Oil Temperature (automobiles)
TOTTransfer Of Training
TOTTime Of Transmission
TOTTeachers of Tomorrow (education program; various schools)
TOTTime Offset Table
TOTTime Over Target
TOTTrans-Obturator Tape
TOTTeam Orange Triangle
TOTThousand Oaks Transit (California)
TOTTooth of Time (Philmont Scout Ranch)
TOTTree of Tranquility (video game)
TOTTurbine Outlet Temperature
TOTTop of Tree (used to refer to latest code in a CVS tree)
TOTTriumph Over Tragedy (journalism)
TOTTransportation Of Things
TOTTubal Ovum Transfer
TOTTotal On-Time
TOTTourist Organization of Thailand
TOTTransient and Occupancy Tax (rentals)
TOTTotal Outgoing Traffic
TOTTriangle of Trust (award)
TOTTechnical Operations Team (various organizations)
TOTTime On/Over Target
TOTTask Order Team (Defense Logistics Agency)
TOTTrade-Off Technique
TOTTorpedo Tube Pamphlet
TOTTrans Oceanic Travels (India)
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Hence, it must provide substantial future services before it will meet the conditions for the transfer of title.
has made significant progress in the marketing of the Market Center Loan and in negotiating a cooperative transfer of title to the property to the trust.
The Ecofin Council also agreed to a proposal for a Directive on financial collateral agreements, which should create a uniform EU legal framework to limit credit risk in financial transactions through the provision of securities and cash as collateral, under both pledge and transfer of title arrangements (including repurchase agreements).
Changes included: 1) an expanded definition of "financial transaction" to include the transfer of title to vehicles, aircraft, and real property; 2) authority for the U.
The actual date of layoff will be determined consistent with the transfer of title of the Calvert Street buildings.
It is important to note that the transfer of title may or may not occur at the same place where the TPP is delivered or made available for purposes of paragraphs 142(1)(a) and 142(2)(a).
When the house is sold, copies of the official transfer of title, purchase contract.
In leases of land only, however, only a transfer of title or the existence of a bargain purchase option (criteria (1) or (2) above) would qualify the lease as a capital lease, because, in these cases, ownership of the land is expected to pass to the lessee.
Repos provide full ownership transfer of title to underlying securities, giving the buyer the right to reuse those assets or offset them against the amount owed to them by the seller, if the seller defaults.
The proposed action includes transfer of title of Lewiston Orchards Project facilities and assets once the existing surface water supply is exchanged with the groundwater source.
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