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TFETransferee (IRB)
TFEThin Film Electronics
TFETotalfinaelf (Oil and Gas)
TFETravail de Fin d'Études (Belgium)
TFETask Force Eagle
TFETactical Field Exchange
TFETest for Echo (Rush album)
TFEToronto Futures Exchange (Canada)
TFETask Force Excel
TFEThin Film Evaporator
TfETraining for Employment
TFEThe Factor E (Dutch Internet business)
TFETravail et Formation en Education (French: Labor and Training in Education; journal)
TFETurbo Fan Engine
TFEThermionic Fuel Element
TFETeaming For Excellence (Motorola)
TFETransportation Feasibility Estimator
TFETactical Field Exercise
TFETelos Field Engineering
TFETropopause Fold Event
TFETechnical Feasibility Exploration (service-oriented architecture)
TFETraining Flight Equipment
TFEToo Flipping Easy (polite form)
TFETechnical Fire Expert
TFETools for Education (Pennsylvania)
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If the application is still pending with the IRS on the date of sale, the transferee must withhold the correct amount of tax, but the amount withheld does not have to be reported and paid immediately.
The planning opportunity, of course, is that if the transferor is exempt from taxation (either under section 501 or as a foreign person), the gain is not taxed but the transferee will obtain a basis increase.
362(e) (2)(C) election is made, the final regulations provide that the basis reduction in the transferee stock is an expenditure or expense of the transferor partnership or S corporation, thus resulting in a share-holder/partner-level basis reduction.
Under this construct, if the amount the transferee pays for its partnership interest equals the fair market value of its share of the partnership's assets, the transferee's share of any gain or loss on a subsequent sale of partnership assets should be limited to its share of any increase or decrease in the value of the partnership assets that occurs after the transferee's entry into the partnership.
19, 2008, Sandra Shockley, Terry Shockley, and Shockley Holdings brought separate petitions in Tax Court for redetermination of their respective transferee liability, which the Tax Court consolidated.
If more than 80 percent of the assets of the transferee were Listed Assets, the transfers would be taxable.
PorchLight believes this is the best approach for making the move successful for not only the transferees and their families but for their employers as well.
6901 provides that the liability, at law or in equity, of a transferee of property "shall .
One of the first questions a transferee has is "What are my housing options?
312-10, in all other cases in which property is transferred from one corporation to another and no gain or loss is recognized (or is recognized only to the extent of the property received other than that permitted to be received without the recognition of gain), no allocation of the earnings and profits of the transferor is made to the transferee.
Transferee threats to staff will not be tolerated by service providers, nor will action to coerce other transferees into protesting.
Servicers must review the way the servicing file is compiled to ensure all necessary information moves with the file to the transferee and to retain copies of any information it may need to satisfy its own retention, legal and regulatory obligations.