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transferor must agree to extend the period of limitation for assessment of tax on certain items related to the Sec.
Section 2013(a) provides that if the transferee spouse dies within two years of the transferor spouse's death, the TPT credit is allowed at 100 percent of the FET liability limitation.
In order for a repo transaction to be considered a sale, the transferor must have relinquished control.
312-10, in all other cases in which property is transferred from one corporation to another and no gain or loss is recognized (or is recognized only to the extent of the property received other than that permitted to be received without the recognition of gain), no allocation of the earnings and profits of the transferor is made to the transferee.
In such case, the trust is treated as if the transferor (for purposes of subsequent transfers) were assigned to the first generation above the highest generation of any person having an "interest" (see below) in such trust immediately after such transfer.
Planning Point: The advantage of having portions or shares of a trust treated as separate trusts is that the transferor can decide whether or not to allocate a portion of his GST tax exemption to each separate trust and the trustee can make distributions from the separate trusts in a way which minimizes GST tax.
The entity could be added to the existing policy though an endorsement, which would provide appropriate insurance protection for both the transferor as occupant of the house and the trust or LLC as owner under the same policy.
This route could be used if it is thought that the rules regarding BPR may change and no longer cover the assets on the death of the transferor.
Its permitted activities (1) are significantly limited, (2) were entirely specified in the legal documents that established the SPE or created the beneficial interests in the transferred assets that it holds, and (3) may be significantly changed only with the approval of the holders of at least a majority of the beneficial interests held by entities other than the transferor.
Creditors may also join in filing an involuntary bankruptcy petition against the transferor to stop the bulk transfer or have the bankruptcy trustee investigate and prosecute fraudulent conveyance and other avoidance claims.
For example, if a transferee lessor acquires property subject to a section 467 rental agreement at other than the beginning or end of a rental period, and the transferee lessor's beginning section 467 loan balance differs from the transferor lessor's section 467 loan balance immediately before the transfer, the rental period that includes the day of the transfer must be bifurcated into two rental periods, one beginning before the transfer and one beginning after.