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TRANSISTORTransformer Resistor
TRANSISTORTransfer Resistor
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In 1958, Jack Kilby built the first integrated circuit flip-flop with two transistors at Texas Instruments.
There are similarities with the old silicon chip and the amorphous silicon transistor array on the back of an LCD display today.
This transistor has an etched surface flatness of less than 1 nm in irregularity, and has high electron mobility.
Now, independent teams of researchers in Sweden and in Korea have combined a promising nanotechnology with conventional microelectronics to create novel transistors that perform better than most and that are expected to be easy to manufacture.
The research presented maximizes transistor switching performance and decreases power-wasting leakage by combining several highly advanced technologies into a single structure.
The four states translate into two ``ons'' and two ``offs,'' giving the transistor two bits instead of one.
IBM's expertise in SOI is allowing scientists to alter the design of the transistor in ways not possible before, while still allowing them to be built on conventional manufacturing lines.
Although some theorists had previously proposed that Y junctions might act as FETs, researchers don't yet know what characteristics of the nanotubes--perhaps their shape or the iron-titanium particles--are responsible for their transistor function.
That bests a Japanese team's 562 GHz transistor that had been in the top slot.