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XMITTransmit (ter)
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'I'll transmit it today,' Sotto told reporters in a press conference, explaining that Malacanang only needs to see the copy of the bill that he signed.
SP MIMO system with SDMA increases transmit diversity by spatially separated SP transmit-antennas.
Tynemouth CC chairman Vince Howe said: "Transmit are all about supporting people to follow their dreams so it is great their sponsorship is helping kids to do the same.
MIMO system with SDMA is used to extend transmit diversity in the space domain.
Dubai: The municipality on Sunday has denied the latest rumour circulating on social networking sites, which claimed that the Pepsi drink transmits Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).
Transmit Security, the programmable authentication company, has been chosen by First International Bank of Israel (FIBI) to meet regulatory mandates that require the implementation of risk-based multi-factor authentication and nonrepudiation, the company said.
To alleviate these problems, an antenna selection method has been studied [6], which can implement fewer RF stages than the number of available transmit antennas by selecting the specific transmit antennas to be used with the (reduced number of) RF stages.
Let the K x 1 transmit coherent processing vector be
Such element position errors cause transmit and receive pattern distortion, which significantly degrade the estimate and detection performance of the target of interest.
Based on the studies, closely related African mosquito species originated the ability to transmit human malaria multiple times during their recent evolution.The discovery could have implications for malaria control by enabling researchers to detect and target specific genetic changes associated with the capacity to transmit a parasite.
Amimon Inc of Israel prototyped a system that wirelessly transmits 3D high-definition video by using the WHDI high-speed wireless standard, which uses the 5GHz band.