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TRAPTartrate-Resistant Acid Phosphatase
TRAPTake Risk and Prosper (brand)
TRAPTargeted Regulation of Abortion Providers (laws)
TRAPTrouble Report Analysis Plan
TRAPTelephony Record and Playback
TRAPTwin Reversed Arterial Perfusion
TRAPTactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel (USMC)
TRAPThrombin Receptor-Activating Peptide (used in research to initiate platelet activation and blood coagulation)
TRAPTask Force for Regional Auto Theft Prevention
TRAPTexas Rules of Appellate Procedure
TRAPTandem Recursive Algorithm Process
TRAPTyrosine Rich Amelogenin Peptide
TRAPTactical and Related Applications
TRAPTriiodothyronine Receptor Auxiliary Protein
TRAPtryptophan RNA-binding attenuation protein
TRAPTraining Resources Arbitration Panel
TRAPTactical Related Applications Program (US Army)
TRAPTactical Receive Equipment & Related Applications
TRAPTerminal Radiation Program
TRAPTerrorism Research and Analysis Program
TRAPTanks, Racks, Adapters, & Pylons
TRAPTactical Receive Application Protocol
TRAPTraining Requirements Analysis Process
TRAPTUNL Real-Time Analysis Package
TRAPTechnical Risk Assessment Program
TRAPTape Recorder Action Plan (committee)
TRAPTraining Resources Adjudication Panel
TRAPToronto Resource and Action Partnership (Toronto, Canada)
TRAPTennessee Research Association of the Paranormal
TRAPTechnical Risk Assurance Process
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And who should be in the trap but Vassenka himself, with his Scotch cap, and his songs and his gaiters, and all, sitting in the hay.
According to agreement they were fitted out with horses, traps, ammunition, and everything requisite for their undertaking, and were to bring in all the peltries they should collect, either to this trading post, or to the establishment at the mouth of Columbia River.
In that case I was resolved to tell him that Raffles and I had made a bet about his burglar trap, and that I had come to see who had won.
That was the room in which Maguire kept his trophies and set his trap.
To think that I've only to invent a trap to catch a crook, for a blamed crook to walk right into
My trap for crooks and cracksmen is a bottle of hocussed whiskey, and I guess that's it on the table, with the silver label around its neck.
So I put up a yarn about a wager we had made about this very trap of Maguire's.
Aunt Em, badly frightened, threw open the trap door in the floor and climbed down the ladder into the small, dark hole.
Once Toto got too near the open trap door, and fell in; and at first the little girl thought she had lost him.
Binu Charley took the lead as they pushed on, and trap after trap yielded its secret lurking-place to his keen scrutiny.
The advance was more rapid now, for Binu Charley placed the captive bushman in front of him and made him clear the run-way of traps.
Heretofore the Swedes had always watched near-by their trap, for as a rule only the stronger bulls are thus caught, since in their greediness they prevent the weaker from approaching the covered bait, and when once within the ordinary rude trap woven on the spot of interlaced branches they are able, with the aid of their friends upon the outside, to demolish their prison and escape.