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This sound will propagate to the adjacent tympanic membrane, initiating a normal acoustic stimulus to the cochlea and thus producing a forward traveling wave in the cochlea if the ossicular chain is intact.
Motivated by Lin and Ruan [12] on an abstract result of traveling wave solutions of delayed reaction-diffusion systems, we shall construct proper upper and lower solutions similar to those in Fu [13] and Lin [14] to study the existence of traveling wave solutions.
Wu, "Traveling waves in discrete periodic media for bistable dynamics," Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis, vol.
The traveling wave is driven by the voltage source and travels towards both ends of the line.
In this section, we first study the asymptotic behavior of traveling curved front [PHI](z, y) of (1) as z [right arrow] -[infinity] by using the result of the exponential convergence of one-dimension traveling wave solution [phi]([xi]) of (4) at infinity.
A novel crossed traveling wave induction heating system and finite element analysis of eddy current and temperature distributions.
Under these conditions, the traveling wave pulses travel from the fault to [R.sub.1] and arrive at the local end at time [t.sub.fd].
Therefore, [??](x - ct) is a nondecreasing traveling wave solution of (3.18) with the speed -c < 0 connecting the unstable equilibrium 0 with the stable equilibrium [u.sup.*].
Because the phase orbits defined by the vector fields of system (10) determine all traveling wave solutions, we will investigate the bifurcations of phase portraits of these systems in the phase plane ([phi], y) as the parameters are changed.
[21.] Kory, C., et al., "Overview of W-band traveling wave tube programs," IEEE International Vacuum Electronics Conference, 2006 Held Jointly with 2006 IEEE International Vacuum Electron Sources., 447-448, 2006.
For the first lightning return stroke, the traveling wave phenomena in the tower are not perceptible.
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