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TRIBTransmission Rate in Bits
TRIBTransfer Rate in Information Bits
TRIBTire Retread Information Bureau
TRIBChicago Tribune Newspaper
TRIBTransfer Rate of Information Bits (ANSI formula for calculating throughput)
TRIBTelephony Routing Information Base
TRIBTransmission Rate of Information Bits
TRIBTransboundary River Basin (UN initiative)
TRIBTemple Records Index Bureau
TRIBThroughput Rate in Information Bits
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To compare the number of mature oocytes in the tributary and river fish, we used an ANCOVA design with fish length as the covariate and the independent variables location (tributary vs.
To date, $2.8 million has been spent on restoring habitat or connectivity to over 300 miles (480 kilometers) of Blackfoot River tributary streams.
The issue continues the EIB's Euro tributary issue programme, which is part of the Bank's strategy in preparation of EMU of establishing liquid European currency benchmarks to be converted into Euro after 1999.
The crisis of Roman antiquity, then, is less the "crisis of slavery' than the "crisis of the free communitarian peasantry.' And, we would argue, the essence of this long transition--the "Roman decay'--is less the transition from slavery to serfdom than the transition from a still incomplete to a fully developed form of the general precapitalist mode of production (which we have designated tributary).
Ending Ryukyu's status as a Chinese tributary state cleared the way to its legal annexation by Japan, and five years later the Japanese government formally abolished the kingdom, establishing Okinawa Prefecture in its place (151).
The small tributary remains slightly discoloured, but officers expect this to clear shortly.
A water quality inspector acting on behalf of the Environment Agency found 300 metres of the tributary visibly polluted with sewage fungus.
Their "Oregon Treasures" wilderness bill would expand the quarter-century-old federal wild and scenic river protections on the Lower Rogue River to include 143 miles of tributary streams, which are vulnerable to resource extraction activities such as the Kelsey Whisky Project.
Most of the larger channels eventually dried out, leaving only one main tributary on which H.
The passes were installed on the Devils Water, a tributary of the River Tyne and on the Gaunless, a tributary of the River Wear, as part of the Northumbrian Rivers Project.
PMC-Sierra (Nasdaq:PMCS) has introduced the PM5364 TUPP 2488, an industry standard, tributary unit pointer processor and cross-connect for OC-48 SONET and STM-16 SDH networks.
The OWT has already acquired instream water rights to ensure higher summer flows on tributaries to the Rogue, and now it plans to improve habitat on the Little Applegate River, an important steelhead spawning tributary. Working with the Applegate River Watershed Council, the OWT will use $100,000 from its Rogue River Restoration Project to replace two old diversion structures on the Little Applegate with ditches, electric pumps, and pipes so that less water will be diverted and fish can move freely upstream.