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V1VPN 1 (switched service type)
V1Trigeminal Nerve (fifth cranial, ophthalmic division)
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V1Pilotless Flying Bomb
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The system delivers the low-level electrical stimulation to the branches of the trigeminal nerve, which sends therapeutic signals to the parts of the brain thought to be involved in ADHD.
International Headache Society had recently proposed strict clinical criteria for trigeminal neuralgia diagnosis and according to this, diagnosis only can be made when there are at least three attacks of unilateral facial pain occur fulfilling the following criteria such as (1) occurring in one or more divisions of the trigeminal nerve, with no radiation beyond the trigeminal distribution and (2) pain with at least, recurring in paroxysmal attacks lasting from a fraction of second to 2 minutes or severe intensity or electric shock-like, shooting, stabbing, or sharp in quality or precipitated by innocuous stimuli to the affected side of the face (9).
Patients with serious morbidity who cannot undergo invasive surgical procedures safely may benefit from percutaneous injection of alcohol and PRF into the painful peripheral trigeminal nerve branch.
Herpes zoster ophthalmicus (HZO) is caused by the reactivation of the varicella zoster virus in the ophthalmic branch of the trigeminal nerve (2).
Notably, the role of miR-186 in trigeminal nerve damage-induced neuropathic pain remains unclear.
Cranial dura mater which is held responsible for the generation of headaches is intensely innervated by trigeminal nerve fibers and contains a large number of mast cells (3,6).
This gives rise to severe pain along the distribution of ophthalmic division of trigeminal nerve. Trismus can occur due to involvement of mandibular nerve.
The research suggests that sex hormones affect cells around the trigeminal nerve and connected blood vessels in the head, with estrogens -- at their highest levels in women of reproductive age -- being particularly important for sensitising these cells to migraine triggers.
There was reduced sensation in the distribution of the opthalmic (V1) and maxillary (V2) branches of the trigeminal nerve. On nasal endoscopy, a pale, soft, submucosal mass was visible in the nasal cavity.
The ratio of the largest cross length of the trigeminal nerve to that of the brainstem in cat was approximately one-seventh (1,070 pixels out of 7,380 pixels), while the ratio in human was approximately one-twelfth (2,101 pixels out of 26,396 pixels).