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TRIPSTrade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
TRIPSTera-op Reliable Intelligently Adaptive Processing System
TRIPSThe Research Informed Practice Site (resource)
TRIPSTravel Reporting and Information Processing System
TRIPSTRansport Improvement Planning System
TRIPSTransportation Resources Intra-County for Physically Handicapped and Senior Citizens
TRIPSTravel Reporting/Information/Planning System
TRIPSTENCAP Real-Time Image Processing Spectrograph
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Koku was an immense man, a veritable giant, one of two whom Tom had brought back with him after an exciting trip to a strange land.
Everything went wrong that trip, and to top up with I got the fever badly.
You also said that he did sell his wagon, for six months afterwards you saw the wagon in the possession of a Portuguese trader, who told you that he had bought it at Inyati from a white man whose name he had forgotten, and that he believed the white man with the native servant had started off for the interior on a shooting trip.
Dad's put this duckin' act up on him two trips runnin'.
The fish arc runnin' smaller an' smaller, an' you've took baout as logy a halibut's we're apt to find this trip.
I ain't ever bored, on a trip like this, if I can make new acquaintances and talk.
It refreshes me up so--don't it you--on a trip like this?
Garrison kindly took charge of all the details necessary for the success of the trip, and he, as well as other friends, gave us a great number of letters of introduction to people in France and England, and made other arrangements for our comfort and convenience abroad.
After spending some time in Antwerp, we were invited to go with a part of a half-dozen persons on a trip through Holland.
Ferguson; secondly, as to the trip itself, which, some contended, would not be undertaken at all, and which was really contemplated, according to others; thirdly, upon the success or failure of the enterprise; and fourthly, upon the probabilities of Dr.
I remember my brother-in-law going for a short sea trip once, for the benefit of his health.
The trip to Chicago was even worse than the ocean voyage.